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Here you go!  It should ive you a good insight as to what you should expect from Freakshow!  Enjoy:

Landon Landerson moves to a new town called Snailsvenue after his father is offered a job promotion at the circus as an animal tamer.  Unfortunately, Snailsvenue is a miserable place and, as hard as the Landerson family tries, they just cant seem to make a good thing of it.  And while their house is a horrid wreck and Snailsvenue itself looks as though it had been burned down several times,  the schools were places of unspeakable horrors.
Snailsvenue Middle School was full of students as wretched as the darkened building itself.  On Landon's first day, he is introduced to his fated enemies, and his odd choice of friends.  After encountering the wretched Holly Randolph and her nasty clique of friends, he is shunned off to a group notoriously known as the Freaks, a small gaggle of children containing the so-called mentally ill and otherwise deformed.  Consisting of only three kids besides Landon (Zoe Deedri, Iggy Arcaney, and Izzy Arcaney), the group is also vulnerably small.
Zoey Deedri, the leader of the rough bundle of kids, has a bite meaner than her bite.  And while she is very good at pretending, she is never afraid to take advantage of someone in order to get a job done.  Iggy Arcaney,  twin brother of Izzy, is not exactly the brightest boy around, but is temperate, tough, and usually finds himself throwing dangerous tantrums.  Izzy Arcaney, the brains of the operation, was always trying to keep the feelings of others in consideration before anything else.  Bitterly, though, she was also terrifyingly pompous.
Destined to live as an outcast forever for no particular reason, aside from the cold heart of the popular Holly Randolph, Landon finds himself getting into a lot more trouble than he had originally bargained for.  And when his one-eyed cat, Kitty, is stolen from him, he gives himself the job of saving his helpless feline friend.  Of course, not without help.  As soon as Landon discloses his plans of breaking into the HQs of the Popular Ones, his fellow Freaks are more than delighted to assist him in his breach plan.  And with every stealth attempt, there are difficulties.  It seems that the popular ones are more crafty than originally considered…

After making a huge change in plans, I have reduced the Freaks to the small amount of only 4 (including Landon) from 12 original ones.  The same goes for the Popular kids.
Of course, this creates the advantage of me being able to get the comic itself done faster, and also have the kids wearing different outfits in each issue.
Rather recently (as of 4/22/04), I have given the comic book a great new look, and decided that my original intentions for creating a vibrant, fun atmosphere were foolish.  Now, the whole thing takes on a darker look, with every tree knotted and jet-black, every house just as pathetic, if not more, than the next, and every student just as miserable-looking as they should be, attending Snailsvenue schools.
Of course, over time, Landon's character has changed as well.  In the beginning, the whole idea was full of insane kids who had crippling problems (Landon being flat-out-insane, Zoe a paranoid supernaturalist, Iggy a dangerously temperate fireball, and Izzy a schizophrenic girl with the tendency to shout out bad threats).  Now, it has evolved into a meaningful, comedic comic with and uncheerfully delightful cast of characters with lives instead of useless character plots.  Overall, though, the whole thing should be a lot of fun for everyone of all ages. ^_^

Please, share your thoughts!
Okay, if you have been keeping up with me, then you know that I am making a comic book enitled Freakshow.  Well, I have 12 freaks and it isnt until now that I thought I might be startign out too difficult. Well, I was thinking furthur.  And then I decided that to make things easier on myself, I should have only 4 freaks (Landon, Zoe, Iggy, and Izzy) and only 4 popular kids (Holly, Wendy, Bruno, and Bludo, all 4 of which you guys havent been introduced to yet, but you will).  I think my decision might work out for the best, but I need your opinion.  And please, dont respond in terms of the cuteness or coolness of the characters.  Respond in the idea and decision.  This is really important.  Itll make everything easier to do for me and all.

This isnt to say that Im throwing away all my freaks.   Im going ot use them for stuff eventually.  But for now, It hink it might be best to start with 4 of them.

Pleas help!!! *pulls hair out*
Ive already started to do the art for the first issue of Freakshow.  The whole thing is moving along finally!  Anyway, figured Id let you know that.
I havent been too on-the-ball as of late. its been so boring, and i have been so...well...bored.

Anyway, my life sucks.  I was "voted" off of my luch tabe because the people there wanted some smelly, large girl who thinks (note the word thinks) shes pregnant and therefore has a reason to eat off of other's plates.  nasty.  their loss, I suppose.  I never really liked sitting there, anyways.  it was kinda gross.  the people at that table are mean.  I have stooped to invading a table for half the luch period (throwing in alot of sorries to the people at this new table so as to let them know i dont actually want to be rude and invade their table).  The second half, I sit at my usual occupiable second half table as i did when I sat with the evil, pregnant devil-warshippers.

Today in particular I wore tape on my clothes.  One piece read "My name is: Andrew T. Green" and then another said "But my REAL name is: Miss Cleo".  Those two were on my chest.  The next one on my belly said "not a gym shirt"
the one on my pant leg said "Miss Cleo's gym shirt" and thats because it was on my gym shirt.  Im a boy,and it was rather odd ofr me to go around saying I was Miss Cleo.  I got alot of laughs, though.  It was good to be stared at.  My English techer couldnt stop smiling.

kinda wierd.  whatever. lol

God, this place is terribly boring.  Bellle Vernon PA is so...boring.  Nothing eventful happened.  I was sick yesterday so I missed seeing my friends yell at the lunch lady because she didnt have her money.  That would have been eventful, but no...I come to school when its the most boring thing in the world.  hmph...


I feel sick. Im pretty bored, too. I need to get off teh computer.  cya!

Look at my new pic on here.


I hate the sun. My parents think Im crazy, but I just dont like the sun.  Its....bright.  It hurts, almost.  unfortunately for me,  It was as bright as could be today (ugh).  Anywy, I submitted 3 pics.  Hope you like em, if you care to look.  cyall!

...But fair.  I hauled my large sketchpad around at school today and couldnt fit it in my locker, so I was stuck with it. lol.  I went around showing people a large drawing I did dedicated to the first 3 books in Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events, which Im nearly (but not unhealthily) obsessed with. Its a gorgeous pic, its a shame I cant scan it because its too big.  Its great!  I also have a pic fo all of my freakish characters for my comic.  Once again,shame I cant scan it.  Really nice.  Im lucky too. I was hauling the large sketchpad all day and the teachers didnt get mad. they smiled at me as if I was in Kindergarten.  Teachers are kinda strange, but I smiled back.

Today at school all I did was all my work (yeah right).

yup, you heard me.  thats all my day was.  it was a day.  I got up, went to school, came home, Im now on the net,an dlater, I will be drawing or something. Ill probably be doing homework.  Homework is the devil.  okay then, cya!


Nothing much today.  Just a plain, ordinary doy, thats all.  I dont know, I did add a pic of an oldr version of my own character Landon Landerson on here though! Hope yall like it!  cyall!

hey every body!

Today we had a two hour delay at school!  That was nice. I snagged an extra hour of sleep and got up with plenty of time for leisure.  UNFORTUNATELY, I did forget to wear my GIR wristband. I felt naked. lol

Otherwise, it was jsut a day. Kinda boring, but thats okay.  There is snow ouside, and I sure hope we have another delay tommorow.


aka Freakshow6
boring school day, thats all.  Fire alarm, incredible annoying.  Who pulls the fire alarm at the END of the day?  Idiot. Do it at a more convenient time, for god's sake!


This journle thing is strange?  I take it from other's journal things, everyone who views my page views this thing too...okay then!  No problem....

Hmm...since this is my first entry, I suppose I will jsut leave it at that.  Anyone who wants to say hi hould say hi!  Just for the heck of it!  I cant wait to see other people's art!  the things Ive seen already are wonderful!  cyall then!