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Wes Xmas Commission

Hello all!

This was a commission for a dear friend, a Christmas gift for his wife depicting a scene she once thought of, a tea party with her dog, Princess (and a bunch of squirrells, for good measure). Obviously, because of the nature of the commission, I couldn't post it until today.

There's really not a whole lot to say about this one, except that I like it more now that I did when I finished it. It has had time to sink into my mind.

Hope you enjoy it! A lot of work went into this one.

Adobe Illustrator CS.

This image was created by me, Andrew T. Green, commissioned by Wes Campbell, and is not for use in any way, shape, or form by anyone except for the two of us (or anyone he gives permission to use it).
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This is exactly the kind of greatness that can be accomplished in a vector program. I love it.
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Thank you! Yeah, vectors are totally underrated, but I think it's because a lot of people misuse them.
ayuICHI's avatar
Super cute and wonderful X3
San-Blue's avatar
Ahah, this is full of awesomeness, cuteness and epicness(epicness?)XDD.
Their expression is lovely too °3°
dannyfl0wers's avatar
I love how you gave all the squirrels their own individual personalities!! This is already an awesome image, but the squirrels bust it's incredible-ness off the charts! I like the all the little details in the background with the castle too! What an awesome Christmas gift to get! :D
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Holy Guacamole that's hot!! It just lacks apes!!
DrewGreen's avatar
Le gasp! Andross, I have failed youuuuuuu!

All critiques should include "needs more apes!" ;D
ravensdojo's avatar
Nay I say! Tis not failure! Tis like unto saying "This banana split... Most fantasmagorical in it's own right... would be as devine as Odin himself, if twas shared with a fair maiden."

Apes are all it lacks to be PERFECTO! It's quite brilliant as is.
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I just saw this featured on Vectips. Congrats!
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Woah, wait, what is vectips?
jennyonjupiter's avatar
It's a site that features vector related tutorials and resources. Every week or so, they feature high quality vector art. Your's is second on the page. (:
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Indeed, I just noticed! Neato!
SearchingMyArt's avatar
I also saw this featured on the site. Here it is [link]

nice work.
DrewGreen's avatar
Neato! Thanks for the link!
ig0tMa-NewKix's avatar
mmmm i guess i wasnt done the 1st time but i looked at it again and u did a great job on the shadowing adds some depth :D
ig0tMa-NewKix's avatar
squirrel wit top hat= total win! :D
Vonny88's avatar
Awesome pic! I really like the way you did the little squirrel, especially the on with the eyeglass. :lol:
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LOL! Looks like the best tea party ever!
DrewGreen's avatar
I know, why weren't we invited?!
Snitter's avatar
Well, we could know, been disguised as squirells?
galgard's avatar
Totally awesome!!
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