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The Sanderson Sisters

Hey folks!

Ah, the Sanderson Sisters. What 90’s kid didn’t love “Hocus Pocus?” My roommate, Reed Black, suggested I draw the dastardly trio, and I couldn’t resist. Note: I took many liberties and simplified their designs for the sake of the image. The actual costumes in the film, though beautiful, are brimming with overwhelming detail.

I am most definitely open for commissions, and by ordering one, you’re helping me in my quest to move away from Georgia! So take a look at my prices and options, if you will:…

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A wonderful Halloween classic next to Halloween town and scary godmother
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OH HELL YEA. I love this movie so much. We even named our cat Binx after the cat in the movie.. ;w;
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Omfg, that is like one of my favorite Halloween movies :3 Nice job, I love the style you used!
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I'm sure if I wrote Hocus Pocus, this would be a Sanderson family with the witches being in three different age groups (young adult, mother in her 40's, and old woman).  They want to use their magic to help people, but others are just afraid of them, and the movie would deal with the paranoia of accepting something new.  Look up Paranorman sometime, that is the movie I was influenced by.
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Love your style!!!
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Oh my. I love the fact that you added the vacuum. The part when they fly off on a modern broom, a mop, and a vacuum after their brooms where stolen was just priceless.
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I put a spell on you...

I still love this movie! I remember my brother and I used to watch it over and over and never got tired of it. And I asked my parents for a cat just so I could name it Thackery Binx XD
Great take on the Sanderson Sisters!
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One of my favorite movies as a kid!
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I LOVE those witches!
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omfg, I love that movie
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<font><font>Yo loving this movie ^u^</font></font>
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Ah, I definitely remember this movie. 
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That movie is actually almost as old as I am. (It came out in 1993 on June 16, and I was born on May 7.)
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Then I'm a bit older than this movie because I was born on August the 4th in 1990.

I just LOVE "Hocus Pocus" and I'll gladly watch it again this Halloween.
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Also, I think I may have Nerves of freaking Adamantium because I had actually watched the original Nightmare on Elm Street AND Freddy VS Jason when I was about 12.

I kept a straight face on the entire time I watched those movies/They were also my first viewings as well. I did think of some bits in the movies being cool but other than that, I never got scared.

Heck, I respect both Freddy and Jason for being SUCH iconic characters in the Horror Genre.
omg i was literally just planning this picture out and wanted to use one of your brush tutorials...Im still doing my image but daaaaaaamn 
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wow, you really captured their features with minimal lines! Color me impressed!
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