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Photoshop Gouache Tutorial

Hey folks!

EDIT: I have updated this tutorial here: [link] So go there to see the settings that I actually use for this brush.

DOWNLOAD BEFORE USING THIS!!! You'll want to be able to grab the brush and texture at their native size!!!

Here's a simple tutorial on how to get my signature gouache brush in Photoshop. As always, feel free to play around with the settings to get something better/more comfortable for you and your style.

Now you guys can stop begging me for this. XD

Take care and lemme know if you have questions!

Adobe Photoshop CS.
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donde lo descargo D: no me sale donde es :c

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This is awesome. Do you know if there's a FireAlpaca version?
AnnRosalyn's avatar
I don't have that pattern :(
Zistheone's avatar
Thanks so much. Since I can't download Kyule Webster's brushes due to only having CS4, this is a great alternative
Irislove77's avatar
Its not working huhuhu.. I cant seem to find whats the problem huhu help...
Pumpku's avatar
Thanks so much!!!!I got it to work on my tablet!!!!
hikari-hatake's avatar
How do I download this?
NoviLiu's avatar
Thank You for sharing... I've been looking for this type of brush Meow :3 Wink/Razz 
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how is the first step???
Nurcary's avatar
OMG!!! thaxs soo much
sn4pdr4g0n's avatar
whistlebird's avatar
This texture is beautiful.  Thanks!!
AnjeanetteIllios's avatar
excellen-many thanks! Ever use this as a mixer brush?
CandyFlossKiller's avatar
i couldn't get this to work in cs6 at all :( i really want this brush! 
CrowRaptor's avatar
Ahhh! I may just use this 8D this is very cool!
thank you for making it available :'D
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Sure thing!  I hope you enjoy.  Just be sure to play with the settings a lot and you'll get really cool results.
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still the main brush i use for basically everything. including digital painting!!!
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Oh, you are too kind.  So glad you like it!  Have you modified it to suit your needs better?
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i usually lower the opacity so i can get a kind of painted effect :] but for the rest exactly like you make it here!
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That's awesome!  I've only recently been playing with opacity and flow with brushes, too.  It's weird that it took me so long to really experiment with them.  (I'm guilty of staying in my comfort zone for way too long, trying to fix that.)
loish's avatar
yeah, i change brushes about once every year, hahah. opacity/flow are the only settings i mess with. so i know the feeling!
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