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New Gouache Brush Tutorial

Okay, lemme see if this works.

I get a lot of people asking me about the textured brush that I use, so much so that I don’t actually have time to point people in the direction of my old tutorial that only kinda describes how to make it. For my job right now, a fellow artist on the team said they needed the brush for some tasks so I made a tutorial.

And I figured I might as well make it available for others to use so you’ll all STOP ASKING ME! (I’m kidding…sorta)

I’m hoping you can view the tutorial at 100% by at least opening it in a new tab or something, because it won’t work otherwise. You’ll need to make the brush and pattern from the tutorial and to do that, they need to be the right size so everything turns out correctly.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m way behind, still using Photoshop CS, so some things have almost certainly moved around since then. I can’t help you in those situations since I simply don’t know what later versions look like, but I’ll do my best.

And remember, it doesn’t hurt to play with the settings and see what other cool things you can get from this brush. :)

Good luck!

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Thanks a bunch!! I am teaching myself digital painting & sir your tutorial helped me a ton :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Ah I want to make this but I dont understand. Select those two things from this file? Or are they already in PS? D:
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You need to create the brush yourself, the picture shows you how to and the settings used
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Yep, got that. I was confused on the images in the picture, how we copied and pasted them. Figured it out and made the brush, thanks!
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I'm confused about it too, but i didn't figure it out. Can you tell me how to do?
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If I remember correctly, I just downloaded and opened this file in photoshop, traced around the brush and made a new brush with it. Then I did the same with the pattern, tracing around it with the marquee tool in PS, and then made that a new pattern.

So now you have a new brush and a new pattern, and then you just combine the two with the settings he lists in PS to create your gouache brush! I really hope that helps, Im awful at explaining things!
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dude this is like the best brush in photoshop ever please let me hug you //shot

thank you so much for this brush ok
i cannot thank you enough
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how i do the point brush? the first step….
i don't get it and i need that brush sooo far :S
Thr3spawn's avatar
So where do I download it? 
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Thanks !
My understanding of photoshop is very low and this tutorial seems superhandy

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Where can I find more of these brush and pattern icons? I'd rather use the brush preset and marquee tool than install the files. :) Thanks for this tutorial by the way! Extremely helpful!
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I like how you teach how to create the brush rather than make it a download. Thanks dude!
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Thank you so much for adding this tutorial! I Can't wait to experiment with my sparkly new brush and start incorporating it into some pieces!! You rock:D
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I certainly hope you enjoy it! Just be sure to play with the settings, it can do all sorts of neat things when you modify it. :)
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Thank you sir! Wonderful job!
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Thank you thank you thank you!!!
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Hehe, you're welcome!
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Thank you so much! I never knew what the texture panel could do, you've just blown my mind. As I've been trying to teach myself digital painting I've felt like someone lost at sea, and it's like you just taught me how to read a compass
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Fantastic! Play around with textures, it's super fun. You'll get a lot of really cool results!
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I hope you enjoy it!
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