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Published: March 22, 2013
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Hey folks!

So this Sunday, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon comes out for the 3DS. I already have my copy fully paid for and it'll be waiting for me when I get to the store. It hasn't waited for me for as long as I've waited for it, though.

The original Luigi's Mansion launched alongside the GameCube over 11 years ago, and while it was a fairly short game, it still remains one of my favorites and it really served to define the purple lunch box we all know and love. The original game instilled so much personality into Luigi, with laugh-out-loud commentary from the man in green himself, framing him as a cowardly neat-freak (and as such, Luigi is actually one of my top-5 favorite video game characters, which you probably didn't know because I've literally never drawn him in my adult life). The ghost-hunting gameplay was perfect for two analog sticks, and catching every ghost was an immensely satisfying experience. And can I mention that it had a button dedicated solely to making Luigi nervously call out his brother's name? "Mario?!" "Maaarioooooo!" It's a quirky title that we hadn't played before, and haven't seen since (until now) and it often goes underappreciated. But not by this artist!

I've been super busy with freelance work over the past two weeks, but I just knew I had to take the time to draw something to celebrate the sequel of one of my favorite games. I hope that you enjoy viewing this as much as I enjoyed making it!


PS: If you'd like to share this on tumblr, please reblog from its original spot on Drawed Goods! [link]
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RoleKingStudent Digital Artist
ami tambien
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
I love this game.
Gerakobits's avatar
Has the green mustache of littleness some fear?
SonicJasper20th's avatar
Pretty good, I got the game for Christmas and it was so much fun I beat it already but I might need to go back to the other levels to get the gems and the remaining Boos.

But anyways, I love your drawing of Luigi. :)
Chapet's avatar
ChapetStudent Digital Artist
Really nice :))
artieadams's avatar
artieadamsHobbyist Digital Artist
Very Nice!
loish's avatar
wonderful, love the texture and style!
DrewGreen's avatar
Thanks so much! Always a pleasure hearing from you. :)
negativesanchez98's avatar
negativesanchez98Student Traditional Artist
This is just awesome. I love everything about it. The colors, the atmosphere....Just everything. Exellent stuff :D
ArsonDadko's avatar
ArsonDadkoProfessional Digital Artist
Really liked the original. It had atmosphere, a killer theme, and didn't star Bowser as the main villain for once (you know what I mean). I highly doubt the sequel will be able to re-capture the original's incredible design and setting, but I'm no really surprised, the game being on a handheld and all...
anyway, sweet piece ;)
DrewGreen's avatar
Thus far, I'm finding Dark Moon to surpass the original in just about every way. Don't pass judgment before you get your hands on it. It's an amazing game. ;)
ArsonDadko's avatar
ArsonDadkoProfessional Digital Artist
Pretty much have to, because I'm not planning on buying it, since I hate handheld gaming... Good to hear it's a good game though, they might try to bring it back to home consoles.
Twinimation's avatar
Twinimation Filmographer
Great! This is a wonderful piece. Great colours.
Precious-Pup's avatar
I love how this looks. THis seriously shows Luigi's fear to ghosts
Busiris's avatar
He's definitely my favorite "Mario Bros. franchise" character. If there's a chance to play as him, such as in Mario Kart, I will. Almost 100% of the time. XD; He's such an underdog and every knocks him, but I think that just makes me like him and his personality all the more. I can't wait to pick the new game up this weekend and play again. I loved my Gamecube for this game when I first got the system.
Really awesome job here too, I loove it! Brings back memories of the older game. X3 :heart:
dynamicsketch's avatar
dynamicsketchProfessional Digital Artist
I'm getting it this Sunday. I'm still hoping that there will be a button to have Luigi call out to Mario. Though, I'm not sure if he's looking for Mario this time around.
lunajile's avatar
lunajileProfessional Digital Artist
I just love this drawing, it's one of the cutest renderings I've seen of Luigi ever. Poor guy!

I love the colours/subtle textures too!
DrewGreen's avatar
Thank you so much! Luigi is absolutely loveable, he was a joy to draw.
ravensdojo's avatar
So awesome!! I'm buried in reward fulfillment right now so no time for games. Which hurts... cause i have never wanted to play a game so DAMN BAD!
DrewGreen's avatar
I probably won't have much time to play it after I put some time into it Sunday, but I've got a plane right coming up at the end of April and I'm sure I'll still have a chunk of this game left to play by then. :)
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