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MMT - Greenhouse Showdown

Hey folks!

Update: The book is out soon! Here's the information you need to purchase it!


-the book is premiering at the San Diego Comic-con at the UDON booth (#5037), July 20-24

-for fans not attending the show, you can preorder the book at ([link] )


- The standard softcover edition is also available for preorder on ([link] )

So this was my entry into Udon's Mega Man Tribute. My understanding was that winners would be notified no later than March 1st, and since I was never contacted (boo!), I figured it was safe to post.

I'm not upset that it wasn't picked. I'm really happy with how it came out and I think it amounts to one of my best illustrations (certainly took me a lot of time to make), so at least there's that. It'll be something cool to sell prints of or whatever, and will make a fine addition to the portfolio.

My favorite Mega Man game was also my first: Mega Man 3. It has the best music and the wildest cast of robot masters whose order of destruction isn't immediately obvious (I still find myself forgetting to this day). At the young age of 4, I remember walking into my parents dark bedroom one morning and begging them to let me rent the video game with the blue guy and his red dog on the cover, and later that day we went and got it. The rest is history.

I chose Top Man because he was my favorite as a kid. I was a weird kid, haha. I guess I just liked how different he was and I thought his roller skates were cool. Plus, I was actually able to get to his boss room and defeat him without too much trouble at such a young age, so I felt like he was my bitch and I owned him and I liked that.

Anyway, I hope you like the illustration!

Remember, if you're interested in commissioning me, you can do so! Just go right here: [link] (As always, non-DA members who are interested can just email me at Thanks!


Inked in Adobe Illustrator CS, colored in Photoshop.
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i love it so much! the style kind of reminds me of the powerpuff girls XD
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did anyone else think the plants in his(topman) level looked like weed plants?
Really great picture BTW
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Very Dynamic stuff here, sir.
Chelo-kun's avatar
Brilliant coloring.
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Reminds me of Dexter's Laboratory....
DrewGreen's avatar
That's not much of a comment.
chewtoy25's avatar
It's something.

I like it, hence the fave.
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Man, Topman vs. Megaman at night is not something I would even fathom. Hmm, makes me think, what if the MM games had day, night and evening?
Sweet job though! The background is nostalgic with the hexagons and the plants in glass, ya...
Oh also this style, it reminds me of My Life as a Teenage Robot
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Thanks so much!

You know, I've only seen a handful of episodes of My Life as a Teenage Robot. I didn't much care for the show but I did like the style. I would argue, however, that its foundation is actually from Astro Boy, which is really where I get a lot of my inspiration where robots are concerned. (I'd argue that Mega Man also has a lot in common with Astro Boy, too.)
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This AMAZIIING!!! it should have been on the first page.Great job!!!
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My Teenage Robot life
LocustaVampa's avatar
This tickles my fancy
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Congrats on the selection! Thought it was great then and Im glad it got picked! I'll be there in the book with you, so Im pretty excited to be along this level of talent :)
DrewGreen's avatar
Thanks so much! There are so many amazing entries in the book, I'm honored to be featured among them as well. It's exciting!
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Glad you won! :D
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Thanks, me too!
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Definitely my favorite boss from 3. I love your style.
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