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Link - Cheat Shield

By DrewGreen
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Hey folks!

As I mentioned in the Catwoman image, I'm trying to make some pieces with the intention of printing them and selling said prints on my Etsy shop (well, the Etsy shop that I'll soon open), keeping in mind images that I think people might actually buy.

A few days ago, I sketched an image of Link and liked it enough to vector it, and this is the result. In the process, I ended up making the sheath and the shield elaborate, since I decided I didn't want it to just be an image of Link. I thought it would be interesting to decorate his sheath with some fancy Hyrule imagery, and the shield with images of classic monsters from the series and how to defeat them. They are as follows:

Ghoma: Intuition (if an enemy has a big eye, hit it in its eye, basically)
Dodongo: Bombs
Keese: Arrows (or slingshot, if you're young Link)
Octorok: Shield (to reflect the rock, of course)
Deku Baba: Sword (to slice the stem)

I think I got all of the names right. I have a decent memory of pretty much anything Zelda, but if I'm wrong, oh well.

Anyway, I hope you folks enjoy! I'll be sure to let you know when I have that Etsy shop opened and when signed prints of this image and others are available!

Adobe Illustrator CS.

This image is (c) me, Andrew T. Green, and is not for use in any way, shape, or form without my permission first. Link is (c) Nintendo.
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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
Amazing job.
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Randamu-ChanHobbyist General Artist
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CryoKimothyHobbyist General Artist
Epic style my dude
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SmashGamer16Student Filmographer
Awesome. :D
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CarmhostHobbyist Digital Artist
This is awesome!
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Hello. I was just curious if I could use this picture as an avatar on a Forum? I'll give credit to you of course...
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L-SparrowStudent Traditional Artist
This is a great idea!
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Craziest awesome shield EVER. This is a SUPER awesome piece. :D
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Titan303Hobbyist General Artist
"I'll be back" lol
DrewGreen's avatar
Haha, indeed. ;)
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Beautiful! The sword and shield look fantastic, and their detail really balance out the crisp simplicity of Link's appearance!

Best wishes on your Etsy endeavors!
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Great job!~ <33
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pearllsProfessional Digital Artist
I love the composition, simple as it is, and the idea behind the shield. c: great execution ♥
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Very cool....Awesome style
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HoofFootHobbyist General Artist
Shield and sword. So. Detailed. So. Awesome.
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This is great. I love the style!
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Epic man! Just downright epic!
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Wren-StoutProfessional Digital Artist
I love this drawing so much...................... ;-;
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Amazing art! i love every detail in it.
LifeofaPottedPlant's avatar
LifeofaPottedPlant Digital Artist
The simplicity of the style in contrast with the awesome details in the complements. This is good, really good :D
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Thank you so much!
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this is sick, i love the art style but the sword scabbard and shield are the best of course. his portrayed expression is good too, GJ
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