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Happy Holidays from Lotus for Help


Hey folks!

I spent pretty much all of my free time on this over the past few days.  I’ve been crazy busy with holiday commissions.  I’m thankful, but…maybe a little exhausted, too!  I tried something a bit different with the background here.  It’s not perfect, but I’m not dissatisfied.  I’ll have to put in more time to figure out the nuances of doing that sort of thing.  The backgrounds in the original comic were entirely too painstaking to justify using that method again when Lotus for Help makes its debut.

Anyway, onto business.

May your Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule, Flying Spaghetti Monster Feast at Olive Garden, or whatever you celebrate be filled with holiday cheer and a distinct lack of horrible ice spiders.  Happy holidays!


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i like the girl shes cute ^w^
Zuzers's avatar
I love the way you choose the colours. Keep going!
NoahLKoopa's avatar
Neat. It looks like the SGARB comic. I guess we both are getting new ideas. Happy Holidays.
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Well, I is a reboot of SGARB/Ross Boston.  It's some of the same elements, but being rolled out as something entirely different.  So yeah.  I plan on having something ready to show around Spring of 2014, but you can mine my tumblr for info at :)

Happy holidays!
NoahLKoopa's avatar
Oh cool. I look foward to it.
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Me too!  I'm so excited to actually start working on it after the holiday rush.  :)
paperfetish's avatar
How DARE you?!  I happen to love horrible ice spiders!

Someone has to love them.

I am excited to see where the reboot will take us. 
DrewGreen's avatar
Also, you sent me an email and I need to get back to you, don't I?!  The holidays have been kicking my butt.  I will reply very soon.
paperfetish's avatar
No worries!  I think we still have quite a bit of time and I understand completely.  The holidays and work are currently fighting over who does the most damage.
DrewGreen's avatar
Sure, they're cuddly when little but when they get big...

Thanks!  This image is not indicative of anything I've got planned for the new comic - meant solely as a standalone holiday image - but the tone is there.  :)
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Still good to see the characters and how they are developing/changing visually.
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I'm pretty much set on the character designs at this point.  Nicki finally feels like I've always wanted her to, and Ross is really solid now, too.  His outfit may change, but this is the outfit he'll wear for the first issue, at least.  :)
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