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Happy Happy LaLa Forest


This is the Happy Happy LaLa Forest. It's extremely bright and happy and stuff. I figured that since Im going to see Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events today, I would dose myself with some backup happiness. This is the result. ^_^

Adobe Photoshop CS (nothing else): pen tool (lineart), brush tool (coloring, lighting, shading, effects), polygonal lasso tool (masking). About an hours worth of work and a little bit of imagination.

Enjoy, and full view to see all the details and stuff. ^_^
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Very mindboggling, lol
mushypeas's avatar
Nice job!! very colorful, and eyecatching. I love all the little swirly bubbly stripey happy flowers and stuffs!! :D

do you know where I can find a tutorial or something on how to use the pen tool? It really bothers me that I can't use it right...
DrewGreen's avatar
I cant find a tutorial for you, no, because I wasnt able to find one when I started the pen tool either. All I can say is start playing around with it, and right click a lot and stuff. It's a challenging tool.

I hope you find a tutorial eventually.
mushypeas's avatar
well, thanks anyway ^^ and I don't think the right click thing will be a problem because I have a mac :D so I guess that works out well
keppokeppo's avatar
I should be viewing this on a 1024x768 scale, cause parts of it just won't load up all the way or they keep disappearing. But no matter, this is REALLY incredible. You definetly conveyed alot of brightly colored bits of happiness in this one. I can't help but smile at it. :)
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I'm glad you like it! The funny thing about this picture is that it was really a test, though. It shows how blurring things that are either too close or too far from your focus area can help you get the viewer to look initially at the focus area instead of at the whole picture (or at least that's what I think). I dont use this technique a lot, but I know that if I need to, I can.

Also, it was the perfect contrast to Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, which I saw that day. It was kind of an oxymoron situation. I'm such a huge fan of Snicket, so I had to do something contrast and post it the day I saw the film (which I loved by the way).

Thanks for the comment!
laughygirl's avatar
confuzzled with the blurring..

but it is pretty.*

DrewGreen's avatar
The blurring is to show depth in the picture. Things that are incredibly close and far away appear blurry because the focus of the picture is the middle, which is absolutely clear.

Glad you like it though! Thanks for the fave! ^_^
laughygirl's avatar
okay.. . it just confused me slightly because i got the whole bit about things far away are blurred.. but i didnt realise they were blurred up close.. but okay. i get it.
DrewGreen's avatar
Yeah, it's just a matter of what the eye is focused on, and that cant really be achieved when the whole picture is 2D. Without the blurring, it makes everything look jumbled up and it's hard to make heads or tails of anything.
laughygirl's avatar
not a bad thing necessarily.

chaos ----- * xD
DrewGreen's avatar
yeah, but with so many colors, it was almost painful to look at. ^_^
laughygirl's avatar
haha, okay. i still dont think that's a bad thing.. psychedelic hippy art.. pretttty..

but hey. each to their own..

i think your work is really good by the way..
pink-gemini's avatar
luven it!! colours rule
DrewGreen's avatar
Thanks! Glad you like it!
CelestialChild's avatar
This is fantastic. I love how you really bring out the foreground and background even though this is initially a flat sort of picture. Your style is wonderful, and I love the colors.
DrewGreen's avatar
Thanks so much! ^_^
DrewGreen's avatar
Yes, blurs can create a sense of depth. Things that are in the main view should not be blurred, while things that are not in your main view (in this case, close up and far away) should be blurred. Glad you all liked it!

Yes, Carrey made Olaf funnier than evil, but Olaf was evil too, so have no fears! ^_^

Thanks for the comments!
AnjelicPheer's avatar
woho! :D that's nice, it really tricks my eyes into beliving it's really 3D... feel dizzy now...
Ganondor's avatar
like the colors and love the title
Artoveli's avatar
It was pretty good, wasn't it? I also loved the opening and the end-credits. Really great. I think that even though Olaf was more funny than evil in this, Jim Carry did such a great job that I can forgive that detail!
Pockaru's avatar
wooo.....thats bright...*reaches for sunglasses* lol

well i would ask a big "WHY???" if it wasn't for your seeing that movie...:D
DrewGreen's avatar
First off, thanks for all of the comments and faves! I got slight inspiration from the Boggly Woods from Paper Mario 2, madamluna, so your'e pretty on the ball here. ^_^

As far as the moovie goes, I loved it! The Littlest Elf opening had me giggling in my chair, and the movie had possibly the best end credits sequence I have EVER seen! The movie was absoloutely awesome, although it moved pretty fast, which is why I urged my parents not to leave the theater to get more popcorn once the movie began or else missing a little was missing a lot. They liked it a lot, too, my stepmom fascinated by the sets and costumes as she always is, and my dad holding his breath when the house falled from Aunt Josephine's little cliff. All in all, it was great, and I reccomend you see it whether youv'e read the books or not.

Thanks again for all the wonderful comments and faves!
ebony-n-hot-pockets's avatar
Fabulous, wonderful work from you, as always :D
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