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Fitz Funbot - Reveal

Hey folks!

I'm happy to announce, officially, my next webcomic, "Fitz Funbot" (working title)! I hope to debut it before the end of the year. However, as I work to make some major life changes, I can't guarantee a date at this time, so I can at least give you a "Coming Soon."


Dr. Retta Rocket breaks up with her mad scientist boyfriend after he steals all of her robots and reprograms them to do his evil bidding. She is left only with Fitz Funbot, a small child-like android built with a playful spirit and not a vicious circuit in his casing. With the help of his hologram adviser, Octron, Fitz must use his silly logic to take on each of his dastardly siblings and protect the world from certain doom!

I hope that you like Fitz and Octron! I'll be sure to reveal more as it develops. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts!


(As a side note, the project is in early development, so designs, names, and the synopsis may all be subject to change.)
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Very cool! I am excited to see the interplay between the Dr and her ex as the robots battle it out. :)
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I look forward to reading! I like your stuff and can't wait to have something to look forward to. NO PRESSURE!!!
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very funny characters. i already love it, sir. =')
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Looks good so far. Hope you can turn it into something really original.
Good luck with that. Eventhoug half a year is maybe not enough time to develope a webcomic?
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Half a year is plenty of time.
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I see. This is not the first webcomic you make.
Those super gay adventure things were hilarious. :)
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This looks fun Drew! His little hologram pal is cute.
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