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Basic Comic Lettering Tutorial
By DrewGreen   |   Watch
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Published: May 22, 2012
© 2012 - 2019 DrewGreen
Hey folks!

My friend Joe Edens (responsible for the webcomic Rabbid Force [link] ) asked me how I make my word balloons non-elliptical, so I threw this tutorial together for him. It uses Photoshop, but you can do this in Illustrator and it probably applies to other art programs similarly.

In other news, the campaign for the second episode of my webcomic, The Super-Gay Adventures of Ross Boston, is live on Indiegogo. Donations are appreciated, but so is sharing the link wherever. The link is here: [link]

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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows
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TheInkyWay's avatar
TheInkyWayHobbyist Digital Artist
Ugh, GODDD...

THANK YOU for making an Illustrator Lettering tutorial that's SIMPLE AND EASY TO FOLLOW!

(Not sarcasm. I was able to follow along with this very easily.)

Is there any more?
RunMonchoRun's avatar
Cool! make some more tuts! or at least a cool book of "how to". I would definitely buy it. kkk 
jomll's avatar
You need to make your own How-To... Book. You're one of the first I've seen who explained how to use Photoshop as well as Illustrator to make word balloons simplified. I'll be using your method.
DrewGreen's avatar
Well I'm certainly glad I was able to help!
Mosama's avatar
The entire time I was reading your webcomic I was thinking 'what font is he using?'
DrewGreen's avatar
Hehe, I think it's a Blambot font. The font itself is called Crimefighter BB, if I'm not mistaken. Here's Blambot's website:
HeroGear's avatar
I see you and Jerzy Drose do this! Really nice write up and smart idea!
ichimarunef's avatar
ichimarunefHobbyist General Artist
My underwear isn't smelly
skortbulb's avatar
skortbulbProfessional Digital Artist
Ahh. Nice method. i usually just draw my bubble freehand all the time. I like 'em all irregular. This is good combo of even and organic.

Do you ever save the shapes you make for later, or do you make 'em form scratch each time?
DrewGreen's avatar
I make them from scratch every time so they'll conform more uniquely to the shape of every block of text. I can definitely see the benefits of hand-drawing your bubbles, it matches some aesthetics really well. :)
skortbulb's avatar
skortbulbProfessional Digital Artist
That's what I thought. They work really well on SGARB.
Thank you so much for sharing`
KarlaDiazC's avatar
KarlaDiazCProfessional Traditional Artist
Great! thanks!
SercansArtbook's avatar
SercansArtbookHobbyist Digital Artist
I also downloaded that fond. Because i love how it looks in your series. I will use it on my illustrations when i want to ( i don't have a webcomic YET ) The website is talking about licence fee. Do i need to pay that if i use it on my illustrations?
AF16's avatar
AF16Professional Digital Artist
Nice. My balloons are allways too round.
MrBIGAL's avatar
MrBIGALHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for sharing! It should come in handy.
LeoLeus's avatar
LeoLeusProfessional Digital Artist
This is nice :)
I think that maybe there could be an inclusion of the Options bar when the Pen tool is selected, because judging by the looks of your screenshots, if I am correct, you have to change it from "Shape layers" to "Paths", so you can enjoy of a bit less of a mess when dealing with vectors in Photoshop.
DrewGreen's avatar
Hmmm, you're right. I thought it would be communicated with the shapes options bar being shown earlier on, but I may include it again later in the tutorial once I get the chance to add it. Thanks for letting me know!
LeoLeus's avatar
LeoLeusProfessional Digital Artist
You're welcome! BTW I sent you an e-mail to the address listed on your blogspot ;)
Hisscale's avatar
HisscaleHobbyist General Artist
Oh, cool! Thanks! I was very easy to follow.
GeezGeorge's avatar
GeezGeorgeProfessional General Artist
Ah. Ahhhhhhh. So thaaat's how you do it...
Goodbye fuzzy edges on my balloons!
I have a decided aversion to pen tool, vectors and paths, but I need to foce myself out of that. They're too useful to ignore!
ArsonDadko's avatar
ArsonDadkoProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for the tip. I prefer these ballons to perfectly round ones...
Jean--Franco's avatar
Jean--FrancoProfessional Digital Artist
Hey Drew, nice and short tutorial, perfect. Can you tell me what's the name of that font? thanks!
DrewGreen's avatar
It's Crimefighter BB, and I believe it's from!
anonymous's avatar
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