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Animal Crossing After Dark


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Hey folks!

This is my take on the Animal Crossing world, to celebrate the release of “New Leaf” on Sunday. KK Slider plays to a bunch of beatniks in a jazzy nocturnal bar. The last time I gave Animal Crossing a real chance was on the Gamecube, so I admit I’m a little out of the loop and had to invent my own club-going critters, but I’m ready to give the series another go on the 3DS.

Buy this image as a print here [link] on my Etsy! If you don’t have an Etsy, contact me at with your name and address and I’ll provide you with my Paypal address (the cost is $12 for the print, +$7 shipping domestically, or +$10 shipping internationally - I’m U.S.-based).

Life expenses are piling up so if I can sell at least 3 prints of this image, I’ll be able to buy Animal Crossing on Sunday, guilt-free! If I sell anymore, then that’s gravy. :)

Anyway, I hope you like the image!

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whoa i love this pic sm!!
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I love that! Your style is so unique and amazing! 
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This picture.

This picture is what has been missing from my life.

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K.K. got a nice moustache.
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that... isnt a mustache... right? its his mouth
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I just read your photoshop gouache tutorial and I'm glad I took the time to check out your gallery!  This is absolutely fantastic!
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the colours here are really beautiful...but i think most people are saying that anyway? haha! xD
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I like your oc animals! Especially the bar!
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This picture you've done of the Animal Crossing characters looks very nice. :D
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Thank you very much!
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You're welcome. :wave:
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Ah, I'm really enjoying this picture. Your style is really nice. Now, if only the real Club LOL was this entertaining. XD
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I love the style, the colors, the characters' expressions... I love this scene, that's all. I wish the club where Keke is singing could be that way, it would be awesome !
Dude. When I saw this, my mouth stretched open into a slow, wide smile.

I really like the style. AC in itself isn't a very complicated game, but I like how its simplicity opens up tons of opportunities for stories. The style here reminded me vaguely of The Triplettes of Belleville, both in context and in the actual art. Good touch with red eyes on the Doberman; it was a good repetition of the color. After dark, indeed...

Also, I love bats and the frog is hysterical.
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Thanks so much! I have to admit, I'm such a fool for never having seen "The Triplets of Belleville." I'll have to remedy that one day.
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Amazing job, love the ambiance of the scene :)
I'm actually kind of excited to know if there's gonna be a new AC game on home console.
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I love the colors <3
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oh... I love this so much! Any chance you'd be willing to upload a wallpaper-sized version?! I'd love to rep this on my desktop!
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I never played Animal Crossing before, but I guess I'll give this one a try
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wonderful colors and atmosphere! i love this stuff
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