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Hawaiian Tropic Kim Desktop

By DrewGardner
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A few years old, but I redid it in High Definition for the 21st century!
It's Kim's part-time job now that shes in college - Hawaiian Tropic swimsuit model!
Yeah baby! :woot:
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Sweet & sexy...nice work! ;-) 
great texture, very tropic
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there was someone here who got suspended, temporarily at least, for less than this with this character
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SEXY tanned Kimmie :drool: :love:!
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A classic, thanks for uploading the HD version m'man
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Do we have a tanned Flower Power Kim.
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Is she putting on or taking off?
Hawaiian custom is to wear a flower over one's right ear if one is looking for a mate, and over the left if she has found him. Good for you, Ron!
oldsoldier2's avatar when, at the end of Animal Attraction, Kim(aka Blue Fox)puts one of the flowers Junior (aka Yellow Trout) sent her, she is saying that she is still looking for a BF.
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I think that at that point in the series, Kim was thinking of Ron as "just a friend".
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Nice job on the tan and :iconronstoppableplz: will have one long jaw drop! XD
==0_0== WOW!!! Kim here is hot!! I so want to see her in a Hawaiian luau get-up!
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~CartoonGirls did one like that some years ago but it got deleted from dA.
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too epic for words
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*reaches down her pants and [censored]*

Where can I find me one of those?
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Love it.

Can you seperate the Hd image?
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What's the sitch' ? Big Tiki Taboo~!
I can smell the coconut oil..
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