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Wonder Woman and Zatanna Bound Commission

Wonder Woman & Zatanna---Bound!
The train is coming!
Commission 2013.
Pencil on 11x17 Bristol Board
To see a step by step from start to finish of this commission, please check out my commission blog at
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Nice work. Awesome expression on Wondy's face.
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Very nice work. 
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Aaah the train tracks. Always a classic.
Wundê Wømin
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Great work!!!!
You draw amazing!
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WOW!  Well drawn.  Love the solid black shadow for the ominous oncoming train,  but I agree with BoundBlackGirlLover that Wondy needs a gag too.  The floating leaves are a nice touch, perhaps one or two of them could be used.  Excellent work!
BoundBlackGirlLover's avatar
They BOTH "NEED" to be GAGGED!
Dracowhip's avatar
There is something cool at seeing Diana in danger...of course we all know she will escape at the end heeh:D (Big Grin) La la la la 
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!KROW LUFREDNOW :thumbsup: :D
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Gotta love the classic "Evil Villain Traps". :D



Girls on train tracks. The classics just never go out of style. :)
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Wow....very well drawn Zatanna and Wonder Woman! And the ominous train shadow....perfect man!
ala33's avatar
well zantana we'er going to need help i'm bound with my own lasso and compled not to move and you gagged so can't say any spells yup i think we'er doomed
The-Bounder's avatar
I say!, hard cheese Ladies, terribly hard cheese!.
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Matt151's avatar
Very nice work !!!
LogicINKisMGH's avatar
Love it sir! Fantastic work!
"I hear the train a comin'" :)
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Love it!!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!
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Now that's interesting.
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