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VIP -- Coco Pommel

By Drewdini
So if you haven't guessed from the last thing I uploaded, Coco Pommel is first up in my list of Very Important Ponies. I didn't plan to do this little cutie first, but I ain't complainin'. ;P

As is the point of the VIP catalogue, Coco here is free to use in whatever you may need her for. Just... be sure not to overwork her like Suri Polomare did. XP

I've got the mane six and CMC planned for the rest of the catalogue, but suggestions for other ponies are still open. If you want to see a pony traced from the show, let me know in the comments below. Coco here was actually suggested by adamlhumphreys. So here ya go, Adam. Coco Pommel.

Here's the .SVG file. It includes the vector of this as well as a few fun bonus things. ;)
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Wow muy good she is so beautiful I like Calibri is overjoyed [icon] 

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Who else here wants to see her again in Season 5? (She doesn't even need to have any dialogue, just appear in the background somewhere!)
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Put me on that list! :D
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I can make this base ?
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Remember to credit me for the vector.
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Nice vector.  :+fav:
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daww...  even when she has a frown, still cute!!  >_<  can't explain cute level factors.. gah
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:iconfluttershyyesplz: YAY! Earth pony power! :meow:
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Haha why not? There's pegasus pride and unicorn appreciation? Earth ponies gotta represent! :P
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Glad you're happy with 'er. :)
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cute vector pony XD
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I love her, I just love her, nuff said! XD
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I'm sure more could be said, but that's probably enough to cover it.
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