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After a Hard Day of Applebucking



Okay, backstory!

So, I saw this screenshot of Apple Bloom with her head in an apple bucket, and from the thumbnail, I thought she was sleeping with her head in the bucket. She wasn't, but that got me thinking...

"What if she was sleeping with her head in a bucket?

But Applebloom has no interest in apples. What would bring her to fall asleep with her head in a bucket?

What if it was Applejack, then, that fell asleep with her head in a bucket?

Yeah, that would work. Cause she bucks apples, and maybe this was her first day after returning from Manehattan, and we all know how AJ tends to overwork herself out there in the orchard."

And then, with a little bit of GIMP and a whole lot of Inkscape, this happened.

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*dies due to cuteness diabetes