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pudgie spidey


Modeled after a drawing of spiderman I did a while back: [link]

Done just for some quick, fun speed modeling - about 6 hour of modeling. He might look a bit stiff, but it was just a quickie. The buildings in the back are stock photos from

Modeling: 3ds Max
Rendering: Mental ray
Post: Photoshop

Obviously, Spiderman is not copyrighted by me, but the image is mine.... so please DO NOT use it.


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© 2009 - 2021 drewbrand
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now we can say it's an EGGHEAD
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Holy cow, he is awesome!
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This is absolutely brilliant, i cant wait to show my little ones this, they are asleep right now, but i know they will love it!
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awesome,, can i ask you a question?
i wonder how did you do the black web thing? is it in model or in the texture?
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To be honest, I don't even remember quite how I did it. But it is modeled, not a texture. If I remember right, I used the edge flow of the model as a basis. Selected various edge loops and chamfered them and deleted all the other surrounding polys. Then put an extrude on it......or something like that :)

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Hehe!! He's so squeezable! :P Like a little stuffed toy that walks and talks!
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I think intense stylization rendered incredibly realistically always weirds me out. Haha, but he's SO cute.
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Haha that is really awesome :D
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ahahah it' s very nice!!^^
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He is SO CUTE :D
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looking good!
i like ur works!
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Very nicely done! And cute.
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Cara, muito muito muito bom

very very very cool
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That's cute! I love it so much.
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So cool. Great work.
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that is fantastic! really well done. im amazed that you can manipulate sxc images like that too. Some of the photographs on that website are really average. well done
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I actually love It's one of my favorite resources for stock photos. Sure there's a lot of garbage on there, but with a little TLC in photoshop, they can come out pretty good....and they're free :)

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yea same I use sxc quite a bit too. Although you do have to sift through a lot of terrible ones!
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