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Cute Superheroes

All seven installments of my "Cute Superheroes" series in one piece.

All characters and logos are property of their respective creators...the images are property of mine.


Painted by me in PS

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© 2007 - 2022 drewbrand
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Frozx398's avatar
amazingly done!!! ther adorable!!!
MrWarkentin's avatar
I've never thought about a 'cute' hulk before - very cool:)
DuskNinjaKenji's avatar
V-Ktor's avatar
Hellboy is a win there :)
J4ne-d-C4t's avatar
awesome, yet cute!!
ur style of drawing n coloring is so cool!!
I luv it..:D

btw, I'm a new deviant here..
nice 2 meet'ya!! :)
BatmanFreak's avatar
Cool, more creepy than cute, but awesome! I love Batman and the Hulk, they look cool.
berquinn's avatar
:giggle: ahh the hulk is adorable! haha good job!
Dracunnum's avatar
One work : fantastic! :rofl:
bezginyus's avatar
really good!!!
ManicDepressant's avatar
Awesome characaca.... cahara... ch...
funny cartoony pics of characters...

I really like hellboys horns... great work...
and batman looks clueless...
zerohdog's avatar
Defcon74's avatar
+._ amazing ... greAt .!. :+fav:
darciedork55's avatar
Oh wow i love this^^ You have my fave hero!! V!! i luv his big cheesy grin you have gave him=D Favies
rianvanu's avatar

Amazing job.
ugursahin1234's avatar
This really is amazing man! really good!!!
doozerdan's avatar
Dude, that is so awesome :) I love the Rocketeer. ^_^
chriz0987's avatar
cool i like your style a how do you rendered :)
Zantessen's avatar
Mein Got in himmel, you rock, man ! Oh man... oh man... oh man... I lost my words, dude, it's nothing but AWESOME, great work, there's nothing more to add. And needless to say that this one is one of my faves. :eyepopping:
vincentvc's avatar
Fun how you still putted a lot of detail in them, the emotions of the heroes are kiddy but still real. Just love it, I want more of it. :D
fanzi's avatar
v is the shit but can you make iron man hes my favorite my res is 1024x786 btw :) ha
drewbrand's avatar
haha....these were actually drawn at the size you see them....500x500.

My original list was longer than 7, and ironman was included on the list.....and then one day I just lost the urge to continue the series. I may go back later on....

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