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Cute Batman

Batman or the logo are NOT property of mine...the image however, IS.

Part 3/7 from a series of Cute superheroes that I've done recently. least favorite of the seven.

Painted in PS with a tablet.

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Ish BATMAN!!!! :iconbatmanplz:

love how you did with the shine of the details, and coloring!
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your very welcome! and Keep it up cause this look epic!
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For years I've been thinking I'd like to recreate these in 3D. I did the spiderman one, but it was years ago. Could use an update. And I've also started the rocketeer. We'll see if I have time to finish them at some point :)
MagnoV824's avatar
if you feel you your up for it, then go for it! :D 

Also if you do, then tell how it goes! ^_^
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There are no words
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I loved it! Perfect job, congratulations!
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This is actually one of my favorites of the series. Really, these are like little kids to me, and Batman is the little kid trying to be all hardcore with his lips all sulled up. You never fail to impress, my friend.
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It's funny that you like that one....batman was my least favorite.

I've done a 3D version of sorts of the spider man...keep you eyes peeled, I may be posting it soon.

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i love his small mouth ! xD
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His expression is sort of that of your avatar hehe... nice! love the lighting..
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