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this character looks really cute and lovely. His face is adorable and his color scheme is really cool looking. You did a dang great job...

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Road Rovers OC: Kumiho the Fox
-Name: Kumiho the Fox
-Gender: Male
-Species: Nine-tailed fox
-Appearance: Kumiho is an effeminate looking nine-tailed fox mutant. He's fairly tall; being 6'9" in height. He has amber-colored fur, with taupe on his forearms, hands, lower legs, and feet, as well as white on the tips of his long tails (which go down to the ground when not up). His is amber while his fluffy cheeks, sides of his snout, and lower jaw are white. He has red claws on his fingers and toes. Has vermilion-colored eyes, black eyeliner, violet eyeshadow, and has highly pronounced eyelashes. His nose is pink. He's muscular in appearance, but is quite thin compared to most members. His attire, like all members of Neo-M.A.S., which consists of violet armor with hot pink highlights, a violet speedo with a gold belt and blue jewel in a triangular belt-buckle, violet fingerless arm gauntlets (that go up to his upper arms) and violet toeless high-heeled boots.
-Personality: Kumiho is a very flamboyant, flirtatious (especi
:icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 4 6
Subspecies Info: Ippei
-Name: Ippei (Originally known as "Gorilla Devil")
-Species: Gorilla Subspecies
-Appearance: Ippei is a gorilla-based Subspecies in purple and black with red highlights. He's the most muscular of the trio. His face is gray with green eyes. Has a purple and red pelvic area. He has grey feet and hands. He has rectangular shoulderpads and has a blue jewel on his chest.
-Personality: Ippei is not the brightest bulb in the socket, easily the least intelligent despite being based on a gorilla. However, he's kind-hearted and a gentle giant, even if people fear him for his size and former affiliation. He's also loyal to Ginjiro.
-History: He was sent by Professor Satan alongside Eagle Devil to bring back Wolf Devil after he escaped from the organization to protect the humans. Although he and Eagle Devil had captured him, Wolf Devil saved both their lives from Devil as both never killed anyone. As a result, he and Eagle Devil joined Wolf Devil at stopping Devil. After the trio saved a girl name
:icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 2 2
Subspecies Info: Shun
-Name: Shun (Originally known as "Eagle Devil")
-Species: Eagle Subspecies
-Appearance: Shun is an eagle-based Subspecies in green and turquoise armor with yellow and brown highlights. His face is mainly brown with a yellow beak, and yellow eyes. Has a green and turquoise pelvic area, with a brown and white feather tail. His feet are yellow with black claws. He has disk-shaped shoulderpads. His arms double as his wings. He has a yellow jewel on his helmet.
-Personality: Shun himself is rather vain and foppish; caring about his looks and getting upset when he gets dirty from fighting, but he's very loyal to Ginjiro.
-History: He alongside Gorilla Devil were sent by Professor Satan to bring back Wolf Devil after he escaped from the organization. Although he and Gorilla Devil had captured him, Wolf Devil saves both their lives from Devil as they never killed anyone in the process. As a result, Gorilla and Eagle joins Wolf. After the trio saved a girl named Haruka from one of Devil's hench
:icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 0 2
Subspecies List: Devil Subspecies
 Devil's Subspecies serve as commanders of the organization Devil. Here's them, split into three categories. (Note: Next to their names are what would be the japanese names for them).
Ground Subspecies
 These Subspecies are based on land mammals, reptiles, and arachnids.
Wolf Devil (Ōkami Debiru)Gorilla Devil (Gorira Debiru)Rhino Devil (Sai Debiru)Tiger Devil (Tora Debiru)Buffalo Devil (Baffaro Debiru)Chameleon Devil (Kamereon Debiru)Rat Devil (Nezumi Debiru)Goat Devil (Yagi Debiru)Spider Devil (Kumo Debiru)Snake Devil (Hebi Debiru)Rabbit Devil (Usagi Debiru)Stallion Devil (Taneuma Debiru)Kangaroo Devil (Kangarū Debiru)Lion Devil (Shishi Debiru)Tapir Devil (Baku Debiru)Lizard Devil (Tokage Debiru)Gecko Devil (Yamori Debiru)Sloth Devil (Namakemono Debiru)Centipede Devil (Mukade Debiru)Tortoise Devil (Kame Debiru
:icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 2 1
Subspecies Info: Ginjiro
-Name: Ginjiro (Originally known as "Wolf Devil")
-Species: Wolf Subspecies
-Gender: Male
-Appearance: Ginjiro is a wolf-based Subspecies in black and white armor with yellow highlights. He has a fake fur mane and tail. Has a black and yellow pelvic area. His arms and legs are black and white, while his hands and feet are white with black paw pads underneath his feet. Has black claws on his feet and hands. His head is black and white, his eyes are blue, his snout is beige, and his nose is black. His chest has a red jewel on the front of it, and has round shoulder pads.
-Personality: Despite being a Subspecies created by Devil, he's quite friendly to people. He's good-hearted to the humans, even if they fear him.
-History: Ginjiro was one of the Subspecies that Devil had created, under the name of "Wolf Devil". He has been with Devil for 5 years, until learning that the organization he had been with is heinously evil. So, he escaped to protect the humans from Devil. When Eagle Devil and
:icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 5 3
Subspecies Info: Subspecies
 Subspecies are designed and built to resemble mechanical anthropomorphic animals. They have possession of special skills and weapons within them, usually with the traits of the animals they're designed after. Mentally, they're humanlike and due to having artificial intelligence so high, they have free will. Each Subspecies also have a different personality and way of thinking, which can be affected by their personal experiences. They were created by the infamous terrorist group, Devil to be their most powerful soldiers.
:icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 2 4
Subspecies Info: Devil
 Devil is a terrorist organization that has been around since the year 2020 in the future. Their goal is to enslave and kill of humanity in order to become the only government on earth. The organization putted a major impact into various governments of world, calling them "Neo-Nazis" due to their brutality and the overall terror they cause. A few years later, Devil has gained some of the most advanced technology in the world, using it for various weapons for the organization. By 2025, scientist have invented robotic anthropomorphic animals they call the "Subspecies". The Subspecies has become their ultimate soldiers. The members swears absolutely loyalty to their leader, and if they fail their objective or even think of betrayal, the punishment is death.
 Devil is the kind of organization that's been up to date from 2020, to present. They possess the most advanced technology in the entire world, which
:icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 2 4
New Story: Subspecies
 Plot: In the future of 2025, a terrorist organization known as "Devil" created anthropomorphic robotic animals as their powerful super soldiers for 15 years since 2020 that they call the "Subspecies" to kill and enslave all humans and take over the world to create a world that they consider to be a "utopia". However, one of these soldiers, Wolf Devil, deserts them to protect the humans. The leader of the organization, Professor Satan, sends out Eagle Devil and Gorilla Devil to get Wolf Devil back and have him executed, but they chose to join him in fighting against Devil. Professor Satan sends out his Subspecies, who are friends of the three to attack them and accomplish their goals. The three are forced to kill these Subspecies of Devil. They are assisted by the daughter of a renegade scientist of Devil named Haruka Kurushima.
 That's the plot for the new story I'll be working on. It's inspired by various Showa-era Tokusatsu shows (Such as Kamen Rider or Kikai
:icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 2 4
Road Rovers OC: Ironjaw the Hyena
 -Name: Ironjaw the Hyena
 -Gender: Male
 -Species: Spotted hyena
 -Appearance: Ironjaw is surprisingly short for a Neo-MAS member, especially compared to his partner who's three times his size. He's a spotted hyena mutant with red eyes and a light-brown mane. Like with all members of Neo-MAS, Ironjaw wears body armor that's maroon with yellow highlights, but having a single shoulder pad on his right arm that's dome-shaped, a matching maroon speedo with a silver belt, and has silver greaved toeless boots and gauntlets, only with his gauntlets being fingerless and on the top of both wrists an opening for his wrist blades.
 -Personality: Ironjaw is basically a big lunatic. He cackles a lot and always has a maniacal grin, even when nothing is going on. He's very malevolent, desiring to kill anyone, especially any of the Road Rovers. Ironjaw is hated by most of the other members of Neo-MAS for his annoyance and insanity. He acts with pure instinct, charging in when
:icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 5 4
Road Rovers OC: Ramhorn the Rhinoceros
 -Name: Ramhorn the Rhinoceros
 -Gender: Male
 -Species: Black rhinoceros
 -Appearance: Ramhorn is a large mutant rhino, being twice the size of his partner Ironjaw. He's very muscular, especially compared to Ironjaw. He also has dark-brown eyes. He wears the standard M.A.S. uniform; having on silver body armor with navy blue highlights and large round shoulder pads with spikes on them along with a navy blue speedo with silver belt, and matching silver greaved boots and gauntlets.
 -Personality: Ramhorn himself is a determined and headstrong rhino mutant that relies on brute force. He tends to knock out Ironjaw when he just can't stop cackling in the head. However, he's much more calm and intelligent than his partner in crime, and can wait for the perfect opportunity to attack, unlike Ironjaw who'll charge in when he sees the Rovers, so he doesn't always rely on brawn over brains.
 -Abilities: Ramhorn is very tough in strength. Having superhuman str
:icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 5 2
Return of an Old Sidekick (MMX Fanfic)
 In the 21XX, the city of Abel is plagued by Maverick activity, primarily under the Hunter-turned Maverick Sigma. At night, the 17th Unit of the Maverick Hunters are heading to a cryogenic facility with Maverick activity. The leader of the unit, the famous Mega Man X, was taking the charge at a cryogenic facility. However, X decided to go alone in the facility, so he walked in.
  As X walked into the facility, he then saw a group of mavericks trying to steal cryogenic chemicals. The mavericks saw him, and charged at him. X then shot some of them with his X Buster, but some of the mavericks restrained him. Then, a wolf reploid walked in, revealing to be Blizzard Wolfang, one of Sigma’s henchmen. Wolfang looked down at the restrained X and said, “Well if it ain’t the famous X. Despite you have unlimited potential, you certainly aren’t very strong”. X then said, “Wolfang, what your doing is wrong. Please stop this immediately!”
:icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 1 8
Pokemon Region Idea: Team Tragedy
Team Tragedy is a crime organization that acts as a government. Team Tragedy's motives are that they believe that humans are the ultimate evil, cruelly mistreats Pokemon and ruins the earth. Their goal is to summon the Legendary Pokemon to eliminate all of humanity, and recreate it in their image. It's led by a man named Abel.
Team Tragedy is modeled much like an Elizabethan-style government, in that it's run by a monarch, an advising council, and a governing council; the king Abel, the Great Trinity, and the Noble Assembly respectively. This government, while serving Abel's interests in recreating the world, also rules over a small village southern in the region. In addition, Abel also has a powerful defense force, to combat threats to his government and his plans. His primary soldiers are the grunts, who are in charge of basic missions; such as stealing trainer's Pokemon and releasing them to the wild. The elites of the organization are the generals, who are the enforcers of the orga
:icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 2 0
My Fursona
Here's what my Fursona is. I introduce you to Alain.
Named: Alain
Species: Coywolf
Personality: Alain is a suave womanizer who will get what woman he wants. He does has a soft spot for cute things and snuggling plushies. While he's dominant, he's also not afraid to be a sub for women with a strap-on or a futa.
Likes: Sexy women, futanari, herms, getting dominated, ramen, pizza, and relaxing
Dislikes: Women in bondage, hypnosis, tentacles, olives, politics, censorship, and idiots
:icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 0 3
Kamen Rider Gel-Shocker Kaijin by DrewBoy89 Kamen Rider Gel-Shocker Kaijin :icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 3 0 Kamen Rider: Shocker Kaijin by DrewBoy89 Kamen Rider: Shocker Kaijin :icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 1 0 For the Battle Of The Net by DrewBoy89 For the Battle Of The Net :icondrewboy89:DrewBoy89 3 1


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Naughty Wolfrun :iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 19 88
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I'm purely a furry and I love cute or hot furry girls! Girls like Kate, Lilly, and Princess from Alpha and Omega ,Jenna from Balto, and many other women. I also really like furry futas/dickgirls/shemales.
Personal Quote: Just because your a furry, doesn't mean your a bad person.
Favorite Music Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, and Techno.
I'm a:

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