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threshold triptych

By drewallen
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finishing what i started (finally).
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mpires's avatar
Being John Malcovich without doubt, it was the first thing that popped my mind. This piece is well made! Congrats!
k423n's avatar
mm.. like this one too
i think one of hte things i like about it so much is that youre (i assume thats you) so pale and white and naked, just.. completely, you dont even have any hair..
makes you look very innocent
sort of reminds me of alice.
a very brave explorer you are
riotstar's avatar
very nice..I love the idea and the composition and everything
ice-man-ak's avatar
I'm glad I am not the only one that uses little doors in my house!
isky's avatar
OMG this is incredible. +fav
coisital's avatar
that is awesome.
jade's avatar
I remember!!!

Really wonderful putting them together! Loving this!

Beautifully done!
beautyinme's avatar
i think it is so amazing when someone can take a great picture of themselves! with out any help. you know you are just too nice to me... and commenting on my deviantions! you need to stop. what you succeeded in this picture is telling a story... i actually saw you jump through that portal and disapear... awesome

oh yeah

nice ass

fae13's avatar
the dreamer... the curiosity..
that moment when the door is first cracked open.. the flood of fragrance fills the nostrils.. the slight bend in the neck to see what lies ahead even before the gateway is in full view..

the moment when one ponders.
what lies ahead.
is it cold.
will i be frightened.
is it honest.
contemplation at its best.

the dreamer moves on..
hopes dreams fears concerns living in each toe as the foot moves forward.
yet the eyes and heart stay open and wide...
the adventure continues...

absolutely brilliant.
yhancik's avatar
i don't think there will be something after it...

i see here a full story, with a definitive end, like the character's dream came true, he reached his aim, or maybe he just woke up (therefore his dream is over... mmm... or you think our dreams go on when we leave them ?)

yes... i firstly saw it too as a Being John Malkovich reference... but the idea of dream seems better now...
i've often dreamt of a door in my cellar, and each time i opened it, i either woke up, or it was like a pandora box...

this piece brought me a lot of thoughts and feelings, so i +fav it
the-wanderer's avatar
works quite nicely as a sequence.
Love the light, and the pov.
Maybe someday you can show us what it's like being inside someone’s head... I wouldn't know, I'm barley occupy my head.
You look vulnerable and fragile, opening the door, then drawing strength as you contemplate the plunge, and then you're gone.
Will we see what happens next?

After seeing these pictures when you first submitted them, I began to notice small doors around me & they reminded me of you, I'm surprised that there are that many around. Mostly in warehouses, used as goods entrances.
dollseye's avatar
I love everything about these photographs, I like how you've weaved them together to make the full story - how about making some more photo stories? This is beautiful. One of those times when I can allow myself to really enjoy the technical perfection of a photograph - it's fun sometimes to challenge the rules of photography, while knowing that you can do something as good as this as well...

Jess :) (Smile)
redux's avatar
they looked great on their own, as i commented...but as a triptych they're superb...!
bluvirgo's avatar
I remmeber that picture!

O my....The pictures by themselves really make a statment, but together.....

I'm glad you finished it.

What a strong peice.

Slowly opening door, peering in, then taking that final step into what we can not see, but it defiently changes that person.

I haven't seen John Malkovich, but you defiently make me want to watch it now!
nitrus's avatar
Amazing photo. Definitely has a 'Being John Malkovich' feel to it. Well done.
r00's avatar

I'm sure its been said, but reminds me of "being john malkovitch"

trippy ass movie : shakes it off :

anyway, very nice and I wish I had a door like that in my house : goes and busts a random hole in the wall :

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