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Rasputin (RPC) sketch

Name: Redrick D. Volsung

Nick Name: Rasputin

Title: Strongest Human Alive

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight (faintly bi-curious)

Controlled Height: 6'3

Full Height: 8'4

Controlled Weight: 200 lbs.

Full weight: 456 lbs.

Species/race: Human/Caucasian

Blood type: O negative

Occupation: Nomadic Martial Artist

MA Level: Master


Kung fu
The term means "a skill or ability to do something". It is also referred to as "Wushu" which is a modern name for Chinese martial arts.

The name means "gentle way". The art was developed by Jigoro Kano in the late nineteenth century.

The term means "empty handed" in Japanese. Master Gichin Funakoshi made the self-defense methods simple and appended a philosophical touch to the art.

Jeet kune do
Bruce Lee, the noted martial artist and actor, is the initiator of this system. The name when translated would mean "way of the intercepting fist".

Krav maga
The birth place of this art is Israel. Military units and police forces all over the world started practicing it.

This art originated in Brazil during the 19th century amongst African slaves. Drums and other musical instruments create a rhythm for the art.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
During the early 20th century, this art was borrowed from Judo by the Gracie family.

Tae kwon do
The phrase means "the way of hand and foot" in Korean. The emphasis is on potent kicks and not on hand strikes.

Weapons like knives, swords and rattan sticks are used along with stances, blocking, footwork and disarms to overpower the opponent.

Muay thai
This is the national sport of Thailand. Fighters can employ knees, elbows, feet, shins and fists to strike the opponent.

This technique emphasizes on locks, throws and defensive techniques. It is one of the most ancient martial arts and more than 2500 years old.

This is a samurai's sword art.

This is a Japanese art.

This means "Samooborona Bez Orushia". In Russian it implies "self defense without weapons".

The word when translated means "art of stealth".

"Ai" means harmony, "ki" means spirit and "do" means way. Morihei Ueshiba is the founder.

Yoseikan Budo
This art consists of altered techniques of Judo, Aikido, Jujitsu and Karate.

American Kenpo
This mixes circular motions and evasive movements along with linear kicks and punches.

Wing Chun Kung Fu
It employs straight line, fast, direct strikes and sophisticated simultaneous blocking and striking.

Choi Kwang Do
This is used for self-defense. It is a dynamic and innovative approach to martial arts training.

Vovinam Viet Vo Dao
It includes different forms of self-defense and combat using the principle of Yin-Yang development.

This art originated in Punjab in India and was practiced by the Sikhs.

This used "juk do" or 4-split bamboo sword and the "ho goo" or the head and body gear.

The techniques from judo, tang soo do, kenpo, jujitsu and kung fu are combined.

Kyokushinkai Karate
This was created by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama in 1955.

Praying Mantis
This was designed by Wong Long and has two different versions - Northern and Southern.

Tai Chi Chuan
This is a Chinese art known for the health benefits related to tension and stress.

Shotokan Karate
The training consists of Kihon, Kata and Kumite.

Greco-Roman wrestling
In this legs are not used to force a fall and no holds are made below the waist.

Muay Thai, Karate and Boxing have influenced this art.

Hwa Rang Do
It encompasses joint locks, throws, kicks and strikes. It is similar to Hapkido.

This art includes nukitsuke, kiritsuke, chiburi and noto. The opponent is killed with one stroke of a sword.

This is an Indian art and similar to the classical system of Jujitsu.

This traditional Japanese style of fencing uses a two-handed wooden sword.

The length and weight of the Naginata makes it an efficient weapon against the sword.

The attack and defense is done with the fists.

Daito-ryu Aiki-jutsu
It has incorporated many essential principles of other schools of budo and of Ono-ha Itto-ryu in particular.

Freestyle Wrestling
This is an Olympic event in which a fair hold, trip or throw is permitted.

Pentjak Silat
This is an Indonesian set of martial arts that depends on indigenous weapons and animal styles.

San Shou
This is a new style of wushu. Chinese martial art theories and techniques are consolidated into a new form.

Tang Soo do
This ancient martial art has originated about 2000 years ago in Korea and is the oldest form of karate.

This is a fighting dance martial art started by slaves of sugar plantations in Cuba.

This developed amongst the maroons of Jamaica.

It started around 1860 in Trinidad and consisted of stick fights.

This is an ancient Egyptian boxing art based upon the art of Kuta.

This is an Angolan art that comprises punching.

Kamau Njia
The words mean "way of the silent warrior" in Swahili.

El Matreg
This North African martial art is an entertainment in Algeria.

This is a head bashing style of martial arts from Congo.

Dula Meketa
This is practiced amongst the Oromo people of Ethiopia as a stick fighting technique

Abilities: Able to control his Sei and Do powers, even when combined. He is able to use his Chi to hold his true monstrous form in the dark until needed. Monstrous strength, indestructible durability, disease immunity, able to use his chi as a multi-purpose energy (meaning he can use it for anything), using his chi he can slow his physical age, and even stop it.

Biography: Redrick was born from the cold cut of Mother Russia, his father being his only family after his mother and sisters died of a sickness. Redrick and his father were the only two left of their bloodline, which struck angst into Redrick's father. Redrick's father took it upon himself to invest all of his wealth into training Redrick into being a master of martial artists, to become a superhuman fighter that will dominate the battlefield, become wealthy, and reborn the family bloodline. Redrick started his training, at the age of 4. He had no breaks in his training, and only slept for 15 minutes after each workout, and 3 hours at night. He began to take many species of herbs and medicines, to grant himself a unique healing factor that no other human can get without the proper intelligence to create the medicine Redrick's father made. In two years, with only Russian martial arts training, Redrick had earned 56,000 dollars in underground street fighting, at the age of 6. With this money, Redrick's father was able to afford his son to go out and train in all forms of martial arts, he gave all of his wealth to Redrick with his dying words, which inspired Redrick to follow his father's dream for him. Redrick lived a harsh life of moving from one country to the other, spending one year in ungodly amounts of training, then move on to the next style. By age 16, Redrick was known as "Rasputin" for never dying from many assassination attempts, and also became 5 million dollars rich, and knew every martial art known to man. Since his father's dream was almost complete, Redrick began to set out to find a woman to settle down with, but realized that even if he did, she and his children born by her, would be targeted by the enemies he's made over the years. So now, he lives with fear of settling down, and vowed himself to travel the world, and vanquish all the enemies he's made so far. He currently resides in Japan, where he lives at an empty Dojo, taking on jobs for anyone who needs his assistance.

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aw.....he looks like a real sweetheart :)
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He is a major sweetheart ^^
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^^ how old is this gentle giant?
drew97's avatar
He's 15 years of age
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only 15 and he's that built?
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Yes, you see, at the age of 3 his father put him into immense martial arts training. Now, to be able to physically master each form of martial arts known to man, he needed to master his body, and to master his body he needed to master his chi. Chi is the spiritual force that every human has, it's mostly referred to as ki but I prefer chi. With his mastery of chi, was able to build on muscle, then suppress it to make his physical form look average. The picture I drew of him is just a 3.5% release of his chi's suppression. If he were to release his chi suppression completely, he would transform into a 7 meter tall giant of bulging muscle. (7 meters equal 21 feet)
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Yes it is, he can make himself look scrawny, average, buff, or as muscular as a body builder, he usually makes himself look average to fit in, but he releases his chi when ever he travels, making him stand 8 feet tall, so he could go on for weeks without eating if needed.
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