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Thorns and Fire Chapter 1
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….
The shadows of the Sith have fallen upon the galaxy. With the destruction of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the dissolution of the Jedi Order, Palpatine’s plot to transform the Republic into the Galactic Empire is complete.
Even as the Emperor continues his campaign against the survivors of Order 66, Darth Sidious secretly fears the existence of a creation of his own making from the labs of NIMH—mice and rats that he has made attuned to the FORCE itself.
In the midst of the Emperor’s schemes to retrieve and corrupt the animals, a young field mouse, who has had previous dealings with the experiment, is about to stumble into the chaos and uncover terrible secrets that could tear her family apart...
Chapter 1
Justin’s Vision
   I never thought that this day would come. It has been six years since we have escaped from the terrible cruelty of NIMH and i
:icondrew47at:Drew47AT 11 13
Mature content
First Contact Chapter 13 :icondrew47at:Drew47AT 1 0
First Contact Chapter 12
Once the last of the Giger had mopped up in his sector, Commander Brody now had to get up to the task of reestablishing communications with the bridge. In the firefight against the enemy, they had slashed the wires of the communication console. That way, they could prevent the bridge from calling up reinforcements to their headquarters.
The shooting outside in the hallway had died down. Brody then took whatever wires that he could and twist-tied the circuits to keep them from disconnecting and cutting off his message to the bridge and the rest of his security personnel.
It was not an easy task, some the wires were too small for him to grasp properly. They would often fall out of his fingers which didn't have much degree of dexterity.
Come on, Brody! He told himself. Hurry up! They'll be more on the way. He thought back the Giger that had entered the vents. If they got back to their center point, they would send reinforcements to overwhelm his po
:icondrew47at:Drew47AT 2 1
First Contact Chapter 11
Imagine a parent with a young child; it is bedtime and the child requests the parent to read to him a bedtime story. At first, the parent is apprehensive, for the child has heard many bedtime stories read to him. Nevertheless, the parent agrees to find the son a story to entertain him for the night.
There are all kinds of stories in the boy's bedroom that have been read; stories of knights battling dragons and saving entire kingdoms; silly and vain princesses who go through series of unfortunate events in order to learn sense; adventurers seeking ancient treasures and must evade his enemies to protect; or a farm boy who must travel to rescue a young girl and defeat a villain and his evil empire.
There is one problem; he has heard almost all of these stories and the parent cannot find a story the son has not heard of before- unless he wants to hear it again- he won't be happy and will reject the choice of book.
Searching frantically, the parent finally finds what she is l
:icondrew47at:Drew47AT 0 0
First Contact Chapter 10
Condition: Black
The bridge was in chaos and panic!
Lambert thought that it was only a minor problem at first; but as more and more reports of the recent events happening, it was a grave sign that the ship was in turmoil. It all really began with Lt. Cmdr. Kane not reporting back to his post when he should have; the other bridge crewmembers didn't like it either, knowing that one of their own was absent.
No one was worried at first; they seemed to get along fine without him. They just wanted to leave the system and get back to the Independence and report their findings. But first, they needed the engineering crewmen to repair the damage that the power drain had caused. So far it had gone well, but reports of a few complications rattled everyone a bit down to the bones; one little problem was a monkey wrench in their return plans.
Lambert had tried to keep the information about the issues to herself, or at least, leak enough word to the others without riling them up as bes
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First Contact Chapter 9
The Shaft
"I don't believe this," Tanner huffed angrily to himself. "I've tried it four goddamn times all right and this piece of shit just won't work!"
"What's wrong now?" The red light emitting from the console seemed to intensify Tanner's anger upon hearing Parker's voice. Not by much, but subtly. He turned sulkily toward his superior.
"The transfer circuits aren't working," Tanner grumbled impatiently as he banged on the console with a meaty fist.
"Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey!" A nearby engineer called out, running over to stop his infuriated coworker. Tanner had stopped the pounding, but didn't take much notice. His gaze was still fixed on Parker, trying his best trying to explain the situation about the plasma/electricity conversion system.
"I can't just redirect the energy flow through the other conduits like that," Tanner tried his hardest to maintain an air of control and self-restraint. "Otherwise, we'd be wasting the dilithium crystals and we'd have to try to find more; a
:icondrew47at:Drew47AT 1 0
First Contact Chapter 8
The Passenger
Kane hadn't been easy after his experience in the medbay. Even he when sat back down in his seat in the science officer's station after being discharged, his hands trembled terribly as he tried to rearrange the console's various dials and buttons to analyze the mysterious transmission received from the alien ship. He tried very hard to keep out his experience of his chest rising like a chestburster ready to break out, but it did no good.
Somewhere in his still-pounding heart, he knew it was there; Ash had got it all wrong. But had he? In his experiences working with him, Ash had never proven himself wrong
"What's wrong Kane?" Lambert asked. His erratic behavior hadn’t gone unnoticed by her and she was getting worried for him. There was something wrong with him and she knew it; but what?
"Nothing," Kane replied flatly, trying not face her. He didn't want to get her worried and tried to keep his personal experience in the medbay as secret as he could. But Lambe
:icondrew47at:Drew47AT 1 0
First Contact Chapter 7
Triumph or Trumped?
As the facehugger continued its choke-hold on Kane, Ash scoured the data files for any sign of a way to remove the creature, any solution to save the endangered member of the crew. Every second every minute spent in the quest for the answers further risked the life of Picard's top science officer. It wasn't a matter of if he could find an answer; he had to find the answer! And soon.
But nothing seemed to help. The computer of the Nostromo- the first recorded starship to be attacked by the Giger- had been successfully salvaged after its destruction because it was encased in a tough material called duratinium. However, while the attempts at dislodging the parasite had been recorded, there was nothing really useful to go on. The only other information Ash delved from the logs about the creature was when it implanted the embryo, it would shed its cells and replace them with polarized silicone and then insert a tube down the throat into the lu
:icondrew47at:Drew47AT 1 1
First Contact Chapter 6
"Repeat that over sir," Lambert spoke into her earpiece. "What happened?"
It had been another twenty minutes since Picard had last contacted her. The angst that flowed over her this time wasn't caused by the destroyer's presence, but by an overdue report five minutes late. Now she was getting something she didn't like; one of Picard's men was in trouble.
"Kane's got… on his face. We need… the Ariel and… to the sickbay." The transmission that had been clear before was scrambled by stronger inference this time. Lambert couldn't make out what he was saying.
"What? What did Kane get on his face? I didn't copy."
"… kind of creature," burst in Tanner. "I don't… the hell it is. … at Green and Kane… out of the way. We got… back. Now!"
"A creature? What'd it look like?"
"Why… you care? Just get… team to beam us up!"
"Not yet Tanner," Lambert spoke sternly; clear enough to deliver her point. "I need to know what attacked Gr
:icondrew47at:Drew47AT 1 1
First Contact Chapter 5
Alien Vessel
Had the boarding party known what was coming, they wouldn't have boarded the ship in the first place. They could have volunteered out of it. But they didn't know. And the crew was in dire need for the parts. What had gone wrong in the warp core was that the matter and antimatter pods had been drained, possibly by the same energy field that jammed all communication frequencies with Starfleet.
As Parker toiled away at restoring as much power to the Ariel as best he could, the team that would be beamed over to the alien ship consisted of Captain Picard as leader, Lt. Cmdr. Kane to observe and record the interior of the ship and aid Engineer Tanner to locate the required components to repair the ship, and last of all, three security officers to protect the other men.
Somewhere, deep in Picard's soul, he felt uplifted, cheerful. He was about to come aboard a vessel from a completely new and undiscovered civilization; its builders would have been someone he would l
:icondrew47at:Drew47AT 1 1
First Contact Chapter 4
Two Starships
Before the Ariel left to find the mysterious starship, Picard had decided to take quick observations of the vortex and left the scientists aboard the Independence to study and analyze them. With the newly gathered information, S'Vok took the newly acquired readings and made comparisons of similar energy readings and recorded phenomena. As for the signal, the Ariel's communication officer transmitted a copy to Lt. Johnson for him to analyze in case they found something out of the ordinary.
"Captain," Johnson replied when he heard the hailing signal from the Ariel. "Captain Picard wants to talk to you."
"On screen," Washington said. The viewing screen switched to the Ariel's bridge.
"Benjamin," Picard said.
"Rene," Washington responded flatly.
"I wish to you the best of luck. We'll make absolute sure that another mass loss of life never happens on our watch and..." Picard stopped a moment; he felt something tighten in his throat. He
:icondrew47at:Drew47AT 1 4
First Contact Chapter 3
What Starfleet Does Best
This cannot be. Picard told himself as he paced back to the conference room. The news he had received from his communications officer seemed to suggest of a new potential form of life, an intelligent lifeform from an advanced civilization from within a rip in the space-time fabric. And the message dictated that it was in great danger, but from what and why? I don't understand it. It shouldn't be. But it is. What would I say to my crewmates?
Dallas, Ash, and Kane were continuing their discussion with the others in the conference room, debating the ethics of the using an inter-dimensional wormhole and its people, even for good intentions, when Picard stepped in. Everyone turned and looked at him. His face had the look of great concern etched all over.
"Captain? Sir?" Dallas inquired, his voice a reflection of Picard's expression. "What's wrong now?"
"Gentlemen, I have some, rather, unfortunate news for all of you," he said after a considerabl
:icondrew47at:Drew47AT 0 1
First Contact Chapter 2
BZZZZZZZZZZZ, Ksssssshhhh, VEEWOOOooooowwww! The molecular transporter hummed and whirred as sparkling yellow particles swirled in four vortexes. They soon took the form of humanoids; one of them being Captain Picard. The three others who materialized were Science Officer, Kane, First Officer, James Dallas, and Medical Officer and Science Officer's Aide, Ian "Ash" Soong. In the transporter room, waiting for their arrival, was Connor, Mack, Lowe, S'Vok, and Washington. As the four newcomers fully materialized, they stepped off the pad where the crewmembers of the Independence greeted them warmly. After several formalities, the party proceeded on to the conference room.
The conference room contrasted greatly with the Independence's bridge. It was roomier; the walls looked more like warm, yellow plaster instead of cold, grey, metal, and it was certainly much more comfortable quite indeed. In the middle of the room was a table with an experime
:icondrew47at:Drew47AT 0 4
First Contact Chapter 1
Captain to the Bridge
Another time, another place, a better place. In the black void of space, surrounded by the stars, was a starship. A starship like no other. It was massive, three hundred and twenty-seven standard meters long, there were two long and powerful nacelles with domes on the front end with antenna on it, sitting on pylons on a long, cylindrical hull. A giant glowing blue dish sat on the front end of the hull and at the other end was narrower, hollow. Inside was a launch bay for several smaller craft. And at the front of the ship, almost level with the nacelles, was a saucer like command section, attached to the engineering hull by a graceful, curved neck.
On the "saucer section" was a tear shaped command center and sitting on top of it was a dome that housed the bridge. Surrounding the bridge were six powerful phaser banks, each were powerful enough to tear through a planet's surface, or an enemy ship's hull. There were six others in the same position on the under
:icondrew47at:Drew47AT 3 6
Steam Engine Color Render by Drew47AT Steam Engine Color Render :icondrew47at:Drew47AT 6 10 Steam Engine Render 1 by Drew47AT Steam Engine Render 1 :icondrew47at:Drew47AT 1 5

Journal History


It was quite decent; I got a couple of nice sweaters, including a hoodie with something very, very funny with an X-wing targeting computer with the words “Stay On Target.” I also got some extra dice, an Imperial Shuttle, a Rebel Transport, a HWK-290, a TIE Advanced and TIE Interceptor, and an X-wing for the “X-wing Miniatures” It came and went as usual, though Dad had forgotten to get syrup for the pancakes we have every Christmas morning, but his girlfriend lent us some, and I had pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Last night, I had taken my friend of mine to see some lights that me, Dad, and David see every year on Christmas Eve. She had never met my dad before, but she found the experience to be enjoyable.

Now, I hope to get more gifts at Grandma Judy’s house in Indiana, and I hope that they’re really good!


Andrew R. Alberts
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am an inexperienced artist in drawing. I know there are rules in art about perspective, color, shading, and lighting. But I need help in how to hold the pencil correctly, how to move it, just that. But I am exceeding good in Photoshop, with some photomanipulation and I am just getting started in 3D Maya, though I would love to learn about Softimage and Animation Master too.

Current Residence: Sun Prairie, WI
Favourite genre of music: Movie Music
Favourite style of art: 3D, Cels, Photography
Operating System: Windows 7, XP
MP3 player of choice: IPod
Favourite cartoon character: Ariel, Mrs. Brisby, Toa Vakama
Personal Quote: "What good is something if you can't find a good use for it?"



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To my friends whom I have paid, you don’t have to give me anything. As a matter of fact, I’d rather be paying *you* for the commissions. To everybody else, any points you can give me would be appreciated. This is my first point donation request, so I am very nervous at this point.

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NIMH-P999 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Andrew, i want to tell you that i have a new deviation, which is gonna be super awesome.

I'll put the following link for you, my friend:

(Mrs Brisby as a angelic mouse Drawing number 1 by NIMH-P999 )
Drew47AT Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
I saw it.
NIMH-P999 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 5, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
how do you find this deviation about Mrs. Brisby with pink angel wings and spots

of light, my friend.
Drew47AT Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Well, I’m rather iffy on the aspect of Mrs. Brisby being a “celestial being” and being “reborn as a celestial being.” That seems like it’s pushing it too far for me. I think that Mrs. Brisby just possessed the powers of the Force without her prior knowledge, and the power of the Stone gave her the strength and knowledge to save her children.

I do like that she is wielding a sword there, and I think I can see her wielding such a weapon as a symbol of her own strength to fend off any monster who would dare get between her and her children, that she would fight off any attacker until her children are old enough to fend for themselves or that Jonathan returns.

Also, you replied to your own comment, so I wouldn’t have gotten the second message from you.
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