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LineArt by drew2319 LineArt :icondrew2319:drew2319 2 2 Shameless Badge Grab by drew2319 Shameless Badge Grab :icondrew2319:drew2319 0 0 Pear Poem (And unrelated art) by drew2319 Pear Poem (And unrelated art) :icondrew2319:drew2319 3 4 Coaltl the Micro Nevrean by drew2319 Coaltl the Micro Nevrean :icondrew2319:drew2319 7 3 Outplayed by drew2319 Outplayed :icondrew2319:drew2319 3 2
Next Week
Next Week
My hopes for the future, purely romantic,
And the things that I want, are only semantic.
I'll plan for a date, somewhere to eat,
A place that cannot, be easily beat.
I'll treat her well, and buy her a gift,
I had better think, of something swift.
I enjoy the time, I spend with her,
her voice to my ears, the softest fur.
If god wills, I won't be a dolt,
Lest she take arms, against me revolt!
:icondrew2319:drew2319 1 1
This Week
This Week
I sit here and type, it's not so bad,
It isn't the worst, week I've had.
I went on a date, with the lady before,
Help me I say, to you I implore!
I'm out of my element, I feel so silly,
The pit in my stomach, like eaten chili.
But it's not going poor, I know that much,
I'll keep on going, as best as such.
I have some plans, maybe perhaps,
...please don't go wrong, oh ginger snaps!
:icondrew2319:drew2319 1 1
Last Week
Last Week
Last week was a time, of new encounters for me,
I may have met a person, who made my heart no longer free.
She entranced my mind, and left me without breath,
my senses took leave, my words bereft.
As I saw her, I forgot what to say,
And then at me she giggled, much to my dismay.
I felt so odd, and could not react,
my actions then, I wish to redact.
But the past is past, and I hope to god,
That I don't act, like a total clod.
:icondrew2319:drew2319 1 1
Serg 1 by drew2319 Serg 1 :icondrew2319:drew2319 2 2 Sergal 2 by drew2319 Sergal 2 :icondrew2319:drew2319 3 2 Kaiju Sergal? by drew2319 Kaiju Sergal? :icondrew2319:drew2319 1 7 Ugh. by drew2319 Ugh. :icondrew2319:drew2319 0 0 Sergal And The Gutmouth Pack By Daebelly by drew2319 Sergal And The Gutmouth Pack By Daebelly :icondrew2319:drew2319 3 16 Houndoomed by drew2319 Houndoomed :icondrew2319:drew2319 14 8 Gem OC - Rumese by drew2319 Gem OC - Rumese :icondrew2319:drew2319 1 0
Too Much Vocaloid
I sit here by my self
No reason to-be here.
I don't know why I'm not gone
The game must not be done.
I look at my hands and something seems off
But what could it be?
What could it be?
What could it be?
What could it b-
What could it b-
What could it b-b-b-b-beeee?
I watch the flash of colored light
blooming a-round me
I struggle to see
the des-tin-eee
And sudd-enly...
C! H! I! B! Y!
But what could it mean
But what could it mean,
But what could it me-
what could it me-
What could it m-m-m-m-meeean?
A new future for me
A new style of tune
It's coming too soon
But this could be a boon
one step from the usual...
But I'm CHIBI!
See! A-ch! Eye! Be! Eye!
But now the lights go down,
and the curtain calls
the stage light falls
and the tune now stalls.
It's time I bid adeiu.
But I know I'm coming,
back for more,
and I'm loving Mirai XD!
:icondrew2319:drew2319 1 1

Random Favourites

The Werebelushi's Origin
(We see a male werebelushi who resembles John Belushi and sounds like him, he's running through the woods)
Oh hi there.  It's me again That Werebelushi In The Shades.  You may know me from Monster Maniac's reviews and from my Werebelushi Rants segments.
I'm here to tell a slightly different story.  You see...I wasn't always a werebelushi. And you're about to find out how it all began.
I was once a human male by the name of Mathias T.Radke,  going by the reviewer nickname of That Werebelushi In The Shades on thatguywiththeglasses.
I was different than most,  you could say I didn't fit in with the other reviewers except for Linkara.  I was often called delusional or crazy because I pretended to be a werebelushi which at that time was said only to be mythical...ya know, made up.
That is until one night...when everything changed.
(Mathias is in the middle of filming a review,  
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 6 17
PMD-E: Mameshiba Meme by mistyfoxx244 PMD-E: Mameshiba Meme :iconmistyfoxx244:mistyfoxx244 5 18
Queen Hayleyena
Queen Hayleyena is a royal hyena monster inspired by Shenzi from the Lion King and Queen Mousette from Blues Brothers 2000.
Unlike your typical spellcasting villainess,  the power and strength of her magic comes from laughter since like a real hyena,  she needs laughter in order to keep at her strongest and to survive.
She is 6'2 and is a female anthro hyena with greyish fur and black spots, she is very slender but has quite a bit of muscle on her,  she possess a tail similar to a fox in addition to this.
She also has paw-like hands and feet as well as a hyena-like muzzle and ears, she has dark blue eyes that glow yellow whenever she is using her magic.
She wears a dark red elizabethan style gown and sports a crown on her head,  her hair is black but rather long and with some braids.
She is quite mysterious and sly as well as rather intelligent and sophisticated but she has a twisted sense of humour and tends
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 3 91
Werebelushi rants: Society
(A male werebelushi who looks and sounds like John Belushi is seen inside a pub of sorts on stage)
Hello once again it's me That Werebelushi In The Shades with another rant, today's rant is about society and 'the man'.
Let me tell ya something folks,  society can be harsh sometimes, and the example which I bring up is people with disabilities.
Say if a person is mentally or physically disabled,  society casts these people asside and either sends them to some group home facility or a mental hospital because they are viewed by others as unfit to society in general.
I say that is pure belooshit! People with disabilities CAN fit in with the rest of society and contribute to it.  Putting them in 'group homes' or 'hospitals' is the equilavalent to capturing/killing some wild animal and putting them in a zoo.
And who's to blaim? It's the godamn man.  That's who.  The man is the one responsible for do
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 2 20
AKBR by Heiryuu AKBR :iconheiryuu:Heiryuu 13 7 simplex proiectum telum 2 by Heiryuu simplex proiectum telum 2 :iconheiryuu:Heiryuu 7 0 SPCR Assault Config by Heiryuu SPCR Assault Config :iconheiryuu:Heiryuu 11 8 The Circle of Life...? by Xx-BrokenAngel-xX The Circle of Life...? :iconxx-brokenangel-xx:Xx-BrokenAngel-xX 8 3 Swiftbreeze and Jaytalon by Xx-Iceshadow27-xX Swiftbreeze and Jaytalon :iconxx-iceshadow27-xx:Xx-Iceshadow27-xX 9 2
Werebelushi rants: Holidays
(a male werebelushi who looks and sounds like John Belushi is standing over at townsquare, sitting on a bench)
Hello and welcome again to Werebelushi rants,  i'm That Werebelushi In The Shades and welcome to another rant.
A wise human once said that March comes out like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  And that is very true to this day.  
Today's rant is mainly about holidays specifically Christmas among other things.  You know..that holiday where we get presents from Saint Nick or 'Santa' as he's called.
One thing I don't get though is this...if you're good you get gifts...if you're get coal.  But what the hell happens if you start off bad but become good...then what do you get?
What happens if you've been both bad and good all year, huh?  Do you get three wishes or something?  Do you get the key to the city?  What? What do you get?  
ALso if
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 1 7
I write paragraphs for close friends
In this journal i will proceed to write out a small paragraph for each of my closest friends. (if i miss anyone just its really late and im not sleeping. ;w; )
:icondrew2319: - You always make me lol. I love how serious you are sometimes, and often We simply confuse each other in our Roleplays. But honestly, I see you more like a brother than just a Roleplay partner, You're that awesome too.
:iconqueenie-x-gamer: - We met over my FC Steve. I had no idea how close we would become this great of friends through a little character. :P But nevertheless, We're sisbros for life! You're my complete inspiration for making Virginity, and as of now shes my most developed character, and the one i have the most fun roleplaying as. Though you dont roleplay as much as i do, we gotta make a habit of that and start that up bro~
:iconecn13000: - You're one of the smartest guys I know. You always manage to prove me wrong and point out my derp moments and make me get all derp-minded because you actually t
:iconpersonqwer:personqwer 1 22
N.E.O.-R.S. Series Rifles (w/info on DSC versions) by Lord-DracoDraconis N.E.O.-R.S. Series Rifles (w/info on DSC versions) :iconlord-dracodraconis:Lord-DracoDraconis 41 38
Werebelushi rants: Being A Werebelushi
(A male werebelushi who looks and sounds like John Belushi is seen sitting at a newsdesk)
Hello ladies and gentlemen and monsters of all ages,  i'm That Werebelushi in the Shades and it's time for what I like to call Werebelushi's Rants.
Folks, being a werebelushi ain't easy.  I get a lot of hate from human beings and sometimes from other monsters.
Like this one instance in which it's happened to me.  I'm at a monster convention with my friends, right and this joker who is somesort of a troll/orc hybrid comes up to me and complains...
This is what he says: "How can you be a Wereversion of a human male celebrity who happens to be dead? A Human-human does NOT make sense!"
What? A wereversion of a celebrity doesn't make sense to him? isn't, that's part of the fun of it.  
Oh for the love of Staten.  Stop bitching already.  It's not supposed to make sense, and i don't want to have to
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 4 38
Type-310 battle rifle by Robbe25 Type-310 battle rifle :iconrobbe25:Robbe25 92 25
Reality bites
Reality is alright.
But I prefer fantasy.
Fantasy is better if you ask me.
True, people on the internet can be harsh.
But so can people in reality.
And the ones you think are nice.
Always betray you later on.
Call me delusional and insane.
I'm fine with that.
But I like my fantasy world..
I like it just the way it is.
And i'm never leaving.
Sure i'm a little out of it.
But..I don't care.
You can keep your reality.
Because i'm a fantasy kinda guy myself.
Reality can bite the dust for all I care.
It's for people without imagination.
And that's not me.
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 2 2


When a simple thing, like a single tool on a program, can be used to create something of quality...that is when life is good.


Artist | Student | Literature
United States
houndoom gif

Alright, time to step out of the shadows.

Quote: Think not what you say, and say not what you think.

[Put this on your page if you role-play]

*R*Put this
*E*On your
*A*Page if you
*L*Want To BE a Dragon

I go by 3 names.

A black/red wolf with a short temper.(ok maybe brownish,no ones been able to make it black yet)

Alternate persona:Ranger
A rather colorfully clothed human with a fondness for weapons.

True Self:Andrew.
A rather dark, if often mistaken, child.
I suffer from Asperger's Syndrome.
I am also a redhead.
I also like weapons.

My favorite animal is the wolf, with dragon being a close second.

I am a big fan of reading.
I am making an attempt at writing.
I dislike Twilight.

I, as my friend Sonicfreak4455 will attest,am sort of...difficult.

Anything I left out?
Had to do this...
Dragon fans' chain id:

________,88P_____________ Dragons
_____ _d888*_____________ Unite !
____,888888888888888888b. Put this
___,8*_;88888P*****788888 on your page
__,8;,_8888*_______`88888 if you support
__)8e888*__________,88888 the Dragons.
_,d888`___________,888888 Dragon fans
,d88P`___________,8888888 vs
888*____________,88888888 the Dragon
_`P___________,8888888888 haters war!
______________88888888888 I'm on
______________88*._*88888 the
______________`888b.`8888 Dragons
_______________**88b.`*88 side!
_________________88888b.` Forever on!
__________________)888888 For the
_________________,88888*_ Dragons!


Current Residence: Not telling you.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Like I'd say that!
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite style of art: anything dark
Operating System: windows XP
Wallpaper of choice: i like war and darkness
Skin of choice: Fur, scales.
Favourite cartoon character: dont watch em anymore
Personal Quote: Say not what you think, and think not what you say. -Me
Don't click any links I send for the next week or so. Doing damage control now

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With payment, I will create a poem of your desire.

With some money, I will make,
A poem for you, for word's sake.

All my poems, go like this,
No money, gone amiss.


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