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Draw This Again Meme

I did it!~
And this one doesn't look bad!!!
Well I hope you guys like it....
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Patty-Chickens's avatar
i can see you improved because the newer one got more movent in it, the pose is diffrent than just standing and it got a more own style c:
i like it:D
Drew-Datboi's avatar
Thank you very much!!!!
fezudu's avatar
The both styles are really adorable! but i really liked the new one better, it's always good to see a personal style like that in a fanart :D Good job ^^/
QueenDarike's avatar
They both equally look like garbage. They look like something that belongs in the garbage. They BOTH are complete garbage.
Looks absolutely the same.

I think I saw that in a mc Donald's trash bin before. Are you stealing art? You shit storm?
Patty-Chickens's avatar
instead of giving your opinion you could maybe say why you THINK its ''garbage''
but yeah ofcourse just hating is easier than giving a good point 
do you feel better about youself now? *claps*  
BringMeTheHorizions's avatar
Why are you so mean? Multiple things improved, so that's all that matters! Please stop hating on this art!
LittleBronyRu's avatar
Serios, fem? I think before was better )
Drew-Datboi's avatar
before looked more like the show, BUT I forgot rainbow dashes wings
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
And in the last one, Dashie was an EARTH PONY.
Drew-Datboi's avatar
Exactly! That's one reason why I redid it x'D
mooniiblu's avatar

(also you forgot rd wings on the first XD)
Drew-Datboi's avatar
mooniiblu's avatar
XD ssh , let's forget about that
Merieth's avatar
I like both a lot to be honest! but the newer one is more 'you' - they look so chubby and huggable now too lol

the shinier coloring style in the older one was pretty awesome though. i just love shiny! xD
Drew-Datboi's avatar
I love shiny too :giggle:
CountessMRose's avatar
Really great improvement, the more interesting pose, as well as a better sense of foreshortening. One thing though would be RD's wing placement could do with some tweaking
Drew-Datboi's avatar
Yeah ^^; I really need to work on pony wings I'm afraid :nod:
In the last picture I actually forgot her wings all together :giggle: Which I felt like an idiot and is why I all together re-drew this!~
Thank you for your feed-back, It is much appreciated.
CountessMRose's avatar
Your welcome and no worries about forgetting wings I forgot my oc horn in a couple of pics before.
Drew-Datboi's avatar
I hate that when I happens.. I am like DANG IT!!! WHY???!!!!
I have don't that before ^^;
TheTeChNoCaT's avatar
I sure can see a lot of improvement! I love seeing how your art style has grown!
Drew-Datboi's avatar
Thank you so much, I really love the way Pinkie looks in the new one :giggle:
DemonQueenAsura's avatar
ALOT of improvement i love this.
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