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My own characters :

  • Gierontos (Gieros) -->  Ref sheet: Gierontos by Drerika
  • Argerii -->  Ref sheet: Argerii (finall) by Drerika

  • Sulfur -->  Ref sheet: Sulfur by Drerika
  • Renould (Reno) -->   Refsheet: Reno (redesigned) by Drerika

  • Connor (Conie) -->  Refsheet: Connor (redesigned) by Drerika

  • Zayn --> Ref sheet: Zayn (finall) by Drerika
  • Qaitis -->  Ref sheet: Qaitis by Drerika
  • Sharun -->  Ref sheet: Sharun by Drerika
  • Shrigus --> Ref sheet: Shrigus by Drerika
  • Dovahniir (Dova) -->  Ref sheet: Dova by Drerika
  • Tamir --> custom for :drerika: by onigiryStuff
  • Mazul -->  Ref sheet: Mazul by Drerika / Half Breed's by DEAFHPN
  • Wrut -->  Ref sheet: Wrut by Drerika
  • Juan -->  custom for :drerika: by onigiryStuff

All pictures of them here:…

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smileykaya's avatar
Hey Drer, have you ever planned on putting all of these characters in a story? :D
Drerika's avatar
uhh... not all, but several yes ^^
smileykaya's avatar
Oh awesome, I'd love to see it :D
Drerika's avatar
theres rough things of two of my stories, so i doubt you'll see it soon XD
smileykaya's avatar
N'awww, but I wanted toooo! X) Oh well, your creature designs are still awesome :D
kachuri's avatar
Too Many Oc's :nuu: which one to choose....
Drerika's avatar
you can choose more than one in entry or do more than one entry
kxeron's avatar
Hmm, I have whole summer... maybe I would be able... Dunno, if I have time, maybe I'll try to draw some. Question, can there be a few of your ocs in one picture?
Drerika's avatar
Visų pirma abai atsiprašau už pavėluotą atsakymą ><...
Jei nori ir gali labai prašom, mielai priimčiau tave i šį konkursą :D
Viskas parašyta Taisyklėse, ir be abejo gali nupiešti ir kelis oc'us :>
kxeron's avatar
Dėkui, bet greičiausiai gausis nekonkursinis - paprastai ilgai su darbais užtrunku...
Drerika's avatar
na jau tada tiek to ;)
vat man įdomu kaip tu pieši kitokius dalykus :D
kxeron's avatar
Prisėsim - pamatysim :)
Drerika's avatar
tai jau taip :>
Captain-MaggiePie's avatar
I'll try but I suck I'll try to draw cania
Drerika's avatar
well as i saw your gallery youre good at wolves, and seriously you have many great deviations there :D And DO NOT OVERRATE YOURSELF!!! All we need is practise and so we cant be the same as other ;P
Go on and create a beautiful entry :la:
Captain-MaggiePie's avatar
thanks im getting ready to upload it here in a minute
Drerika's avatar
Ok i saw it, but firslt you probably didnt readed all my rules:
Little blood/gore is ok only for Argerii, Sulfur and Gierontos;
There you cant draw your own characters.

Well i still like the entry tho.
Captain-MaggiePie's avatar
Yea really sorry about that
Drerika's avatar
Silverslight's avatar
[link] second entry Sorry I had to I love that character!!
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