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Edit: The contest ended, results are here  Contest winners!First of, I'll be short with all the sum ups ;D
I've had a OC CONTEST: win a tablet+more, which had 7 months to go in total with extended deadline as well as delayed entries, but all this time was worth it for all of them to be created! 34 beautiful pieces, and it was rather hard to pick the winners.
Nevertheless, here we go with the results!
-- 1st place --

-- 2nd place --


Who have stared their entry but didn't finish until the deadline, contact me so we could do an art trade then!


You have to make an artwork of any of my characters listed below.
Whole information about them are in descriptions, so read them not to do any mistakes.
If you have questions about characters, your entries/ideas, or need my help, ask!



Bullet; Blue To participate make a journal/poll about my contest. 
Bullet; Blue Everyone can enter! Prizes donators can enter too.
Bullet; Blue No limits, you can enter as many times as you want.
Bullet; Blue Fave +fav this journal if you agree with the rules.


Bullet; Blue Your entry can be any kind of visual art:
  • Traditional: (drawings, paintings, bookmarks, badges, comics etc.)
  • Digital: (drawings, paintings, pixels, animations, 3D, comics etc.)
  • Crafts: (collages/assemblages, scrapbooking, sculpting, charms, busts, jewelry, art dolls, plushes, clothes (hoodies/shirts/hats), bags/cases, boxes, fursuit parts(ears, tail, head, mask ) etc.)

Bullet; Blue Accepted:
  • My characters only
  • Must have crediting (characters belong to me!)
  • More than one of my character
  • Mature content (gore/artistic nudity (ask before!)
  • Any style/theme (as long as the character is drawn right and is recognizable)

Bullet; Blue Not accepted:
  • Writting/literature (tho if you wish you are able to create poems/stories that could fit your visual illustration)
  • Photomanipulations
  • Alteration of characters' designs
  • Explicit nudity
  • Quick works
  • Your characters
  • Old works (entries must be NEW and done for this contest)
  • Linearts/bases
  • Stealing/copying
Bullet; Blue Better chances to win:
  • Quality/effort!
  • Backgrounds/scenery;
  • Correct details of the designs;
  • Attention on character's information (personality, clothes etc.);
  • Interesting poses/action
  • Good anatomy

Bullet; Blue Deadline extended: 2017 February 20th

  • I will notify participants about the contest ending a week before the deadline.
  • Contest will be extended for 1 month if there will be more than 10 participants who haven't finished their entries yet.

Bullet; Blue Results/winners:

  • Winners will be announced after 1-2 weeks of the deadline.
  • Each winner will be contacted through notes individually, and we will discuss the details of prizes.


So far! Will be more! And prizes for honorable mentions are really possible as well!

(Prizes donations are much welcomed <3)


-- 1st place --

Kanvus Artist 127 Tablet (clicky) from me
digital 1 character fullbody from me
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
digital full body chibi from uladat
digital painted headshot from Remarin
digital chibi from Goobieroo
digital headshot from NoxiArtist
digital fullbody and background from SaphireShear
digital shaded drawing from Tail-Fuzz
detailed sketch by Kityria
shaded fullbody by Taevah
full custom design of any species by SNAILED-IT
2 sketches, 2 headshots, halfbody, fullbody, page doll,
 headshot icon by Frostdance89
shaded headshot by atrociiious
digital painted headshot by DiamondwolfArt


-- 2 nd place --

1000:points: from me
traditional 1 character full illustration original from me
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
digital flatcolor bust from uladat
digital colored sketch from Remarin
digital sketch from NoxiArtist
digital detailed chibi from SaphireShear
digital unshaded drawing from Tail-Fuzz
fullbody by Taevah
digital colored and shaded bust shot by SNAILED-IT
2 sketches, 2 headshots, halfbody, fullbody, page doll, headshot icon by Frostdance89
animated pixel icon by WaronAnarchy
headshot by skullzhead
flatcolor headshot by atrociiious
cell-shaded headshot by DiamondwolfArt


-- 3 rd place --

500:points: from me
traditional 1 character full portrait original from me
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
digital flatcolor greyscale bust from uladat
digital simple sketch from Remarin
digital sketch from NoxiArtist
digital simple chibi from SaphireShear
traditional unshaded drawing from Tail-Fuzz
headshot by Taevah
colored bust sketch by SNAILED-IT
2 sketches, headshot, halfbody, headshot icon by Frostdance89
animated pixel icon by WaronAnarchy
headshot sketch by atrociiious
digital full body animal version of the OC by The-Koneko

If anyone have questions, just ask =P (Razz)

Good luck everybody!!!La la la la

© 2016 - 2021 Drerika
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Arachnicolor's avatar
After you choose winners, are you going to note everyone else and let them know that the contest is over? 
Drerika's avatar
it's already closed >>
Arachnicolor's avatar
I asked because everyone who isn't winners will just be sitting around waiting and won't know for sure if its all over until several weeks later, and it could be a bit of a bummer to some. A note giving thanks for participating and maybe listing the winners would be a great way to wrap up the contest, as well as leave everyone will a good taste in their mouths. 
Drerika's avatar
I already wrote a journal with the winners like 5 days ago. All winners received the notes. I don't feel the need to note every single person tho, as I've already commented on their entries that I am thankful for their participation 
Arachnicolor's avatar
Oh, I didn't get any notification of the journal so I had no idea.
Drerika's avatar
If you don't watch me, yes you couldn't get any notifications from me
Arachnicolor's avatar
You've already picked the winners? Who are they? I wanna give congrats.
Yorialu's avatar
Atumney's avatar
damn I saw that contest too late, noooooo
Drerika's avatar
Well there's always next time ;]
DemiAmuca's avatar
Bit late but I'm working on it! 
contest is featured in my journal ;) 
I'm not sure how our timezone differs .o. 
but I should be able to pull this off ;) 
Drerika's avatar
I plan to announce the results on Sunday so you have some time ;)
DemiAmuca's avatar
awesome! :) 
I have a rather busy weekend so should be able to finish sometime today/tonight XD
here is a WIP ;) 

Drerika's avatar
Instead f these flowers, maybe you could add 2 poppies, a cornflower and gladiolus? 83
DemiAmuca's avatar
I can try! won't be able to draw at all tomorrow so hope I can get it done in time with those adjustments xD 
I do work rather fast but it's already dinner time here xD (can't stay up to the usual 2am today either due to the busy day tomorrow XDD)
But I'll give it my all to make it happen :3
Ziveraa's avatar
Oop, forgot to put this up, finished my entry Yesterday.
Cynicalove's avatar
:3 I finally finished my piece for you, dearie!

[link to entry]

Hope you enjoy it!
NoxiArtist's avatar
quindresa's avatar
bless that delayed entries are accepted! Got super busy and should have my entries done soon!
Drerika's avatar
Well it seems there's never enough of time xD
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