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Timeja Ref Sheet

Revamped ref sheet of my dragon character
Borrowed the name of my friend C: luff luff her x3

Name: Timėja
Gender: female
Species: dragon
Sexual Orientation: straight
Relationship Status: free, not looking for mate (sorry XD)
Age: 18
Height: 169cm
Weight: 57kg
Built: slender, small, athletic; her dragon form is based on rat/ferret anatomy
Eyes/Flesh: yellowish orange
Scales: blue/yellowish orange
Markings: black (glow in the dark as light pinkish purple)
Hair/fur: purple
Haircuts: mohawh with longer back hair(pony tail/plait); general long curly hair; sometimes pony-tailed punk style haircut
Personality: peacefull, meditative, friendly, cute, easy going with others, curious, creative
Clothes and Accesories: Timeja clothes free/casaul/loose/cute/light; greek/harem-like clothes; round bead type rings for hair and tail

All colors in the pallete fade into each other;
Her paws are mix of dragon and rat/mouse paws;
Tips of ears have some fur;

ART, Timėja (C) :icondrerika:, 2014
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uladat's avatar
Does she breath fire at all? If so, what color?
Drerika's avatar
I wonder why people think that all dragon tent to breath fire...
no she doesn't, simply don't add any such abilities, as the only one she has is the glowing in the dark black markings ^^
uladat's avatar
Okay, I was just wondering. I don't think all dragons breathe fire.
Hence why I asked. :3 WOO glowing markings for the win!
Ricchin's avatar
I really like the colours and marking of this chara! She's really nice to look at.
And the dragon/mouse feet! So cute :) I don't know even which form I like more... both of them are awesome :D
Drerika's avatar
I'm glad you like it <3
uladat's avatar
Omfg she is SO pretty! I love your refs so so so much! ;-;
Drerika's avatar
rachaelm5's avatar
Beautiful character.  I love the colors and markings on the wings, especially.
Drerika's avatar
Thank you very much x3
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