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Ref sheet: Sulfur (final)

Redesigned my character Sulfur in a more horrific way :D
Lil bro Argerii…

It's male. 
Height (from head to front legs): ~430 cm
Weight: ~1575 kg
Length of body (from head to tail): ~1720 cm

- abnormal skull-head;
- domed glass shield on the head which protects the brains;
- two thin pipes (red and blue) sticking out from the neck and attached on the glass shield;
- does not have eyes (he doesn't need them as he depends on his warmth sensors in his body);
- three gaps/gills in the ribs area;
- sulphuric blood (actually only sulphur instead of blood);
- toxic saliva;
- bottom jaw is out of two parts and has ability to split for wide mouth opening similar to snake's;
- two capsules on the neck for sulphur storage;
very stretchy zombie skin with different patches that bleeds between the gaps;
- amputated wings for machetes implantation;
- metal rings for hanging up with the hooks;
- decayed limbs and parts of the tail;
- screws along the spine and chest for metal spiky armature attachment;
- signs on the tail  and on the label under the bottom jaw (means toxic/radioactive and the subject number);
- sparse dark hair with some lighter stripes;
- long neck, tongue, tail, nails;
- some rivets on the body;
- glowing tongue and tip of the nails, fangs;
- very skinny built.

He was created by scientists who'd be a subject for trying out awful experiments (because the government had not accepted those test trying on people and bigger animals while the rats were too small).
Experiments were like testing him on different medicine, painful physical ones were too (those would be really harmful for human), but this creature, upon scientists opinions, doesn't feel pain and is invulnerable. Also he doesn't breath, he can be in toxic areas like big towns where coal toxicity is in a high level, or radioactive places.
He was kept in a quite hermetic room, tied up with hardened steel heavy chains and hanging up with hooks, as this suspension ensured that the subject won't be able to escape the room.
Unfortunately he escaped...So far he moves around the world, kills lots of people and none would stop him. 
In two words he was one of the "Killing Machines" that scientists created.
He killed each moving form, but now he can distinguish between good and bad killing. This is one of the good points he has. So basically all of his victims were (and are) people, who does bad things, specifically those, who abuse animals. At first he relied on the killing as a self-defence and his own survival instinct, but the further he goes the more playful he gets with all the killing and injuring. He really enjoys people slaughter, endlessly chasing them, making them suffer for a long time so they would not be killed at once and would feel how their animal victims felt. In one word, his life is revenge.

I myself can't tolerate animal abuse, and will not hide the wish to kill such people myself.

Sulfur, artwork (c) :icondrerika:, 2017
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Damn, the amount of detail you put into everything...
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This isn't so detailed than some of my works though xD