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Ref sheet: Sulfur

Ok so here's another my OC named Sulfur.
Lil bro Argerii Ref sheet: Argerii (finall) by Drerika

It's male.
Height (from head to front legs): ~430 cm
Weight: ~1575 kg
Length of body (from head to tail): ~1720 cm

- unnormally shapped skull-head;
- extended ears;
- weird domed thing on its head, whith rivets around and looks like glass, also it protects the brains;
- two thin pipes started form that domed thing ended somewhere on hair place (red, blue);
- does not have eyes (he dont need them, depends on its hearing);
- three gaps on the neck near head;
- sulphuric blood (actually only sulphur instead of blood);
- spittles are toxic;
- grey/fawn/yellow-greenish/zombie skin;
- sign on its back (means toxic/radioactive or sth like that...);
- patches on neck, tail and legs;
- sparse darkish (brown/green/fawn) hair;
- long neck, tail, nails;
- some rivets on the body;
- skinny limbs and whole body.

He was created by scientists to try on him awful experiments (becauze the government had not accepted those test trying on people and animals; rats were too small).
Experiments were like testing him on different medicine, painful phizical ones were too (those would really harmfull for human), but this creature, by scientist, doent feel pain and is invulnerable and such. Also he doen't breath, he can be in toxic air like big twons where is burning coal.
He was kept in room, tied up whith heavy chains, whith straitjacket, cuffs, muzzle and suspended hight from ground to not escape.
unfortunately he escaped...So far he moves around the world, kills many people and none would stop him.
In two words he was one of the "Killing Mashines" that scientists created.
He killed each moving form, but now he can distinguish between good and bad person. This is one of good points he has. So almost all of his victims was (and is) bad people, who does bad things...I think you clearly know what 'bad things' are...what things do wrongdoers?...

So if you are a wrongdoer, i say dont get in Sulfur's way....:nod:

Seroisly got inspired by this:…

Design, artwork (c) ME :icondrerika:
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NotXRAY0128's avatar
Should drop a tank on it
Drerika's avatar
i dunno, as he still doesnt feel any pain he would survive anything :lol:
Undeadly huh? :D XD
NotXRAY0128's avatar
XD, not feeling pain doesn't necessarily mean you can't die
Drerika's avatar
well i guess so, but he was created for experimenting on him toxic and other harmful things and not to be harmed by anything. So probably he would survive the attacks of bombs or even the end of the world :lol: (thats why i created this >8D)
momo99911's avatar
I love everything about him! :woohoo:
Im gonna draw him for the contest ;P
Navarose's avatar
So creepy but that's why I love him so much! :la:
Drerika's avatar
hehe thank yew :tighthug:
Navarose's avatar
You are ost welcome! X3
xHybridus's avatar
Wow, just wow!
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