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Ref sheet: Gierontos

Species Name: Gierolantinieus
Name: Gierontos (Gieros)
Gender: male
Height: 1260cm
Lenght(from head to tail): 2530 cm
Average Lifespan: ~300 years
Diet: Eats living creatures (no plants only animals; hunting both water and earth ones).
Behavior: doesnt really accept living near people (as it can end up like big catastrophe thet people can be even a victims). So they stay far away of us.
Breeding: no

The places where is yellow glows(at night, in deep water).
Hes not dragon!

1. The top of head. Head has many outgrowths.

2,Gieros is able to open his mouth at 90 degree angle. Mouth inside is greenish blue color. Tongue is yellow/black stiTeeth are likable of shark's (3 lines of teeth).

4. The front of head. Has a bulged membrane on the neck. There he keeps tongue. this membrane can expand out when needed (example when catching fishes).

5. d) Eyes are oval shaped, so the creature can't really move eyes much, neigther to left or right sides (only up and down)
Iris of eyes are yellow. The place aorund it is greenish blue color. Pupls are unnormally shaped: vertical oval whith two spots, wich ones coalesces into main pupil/oval. Those spots are also pupils but smaller ones, and can cath view on the both sides of eye. Smaller pupils sees only things which ones are warm and mooves. Main pupil (oval) sees only front view (top and bottom as the shape) with normal colors. Pupils are always black. Pupils changes the shape as the light is changing too:
in the 5th picture theres a normally shaped pupil as the light is medium;
a) low light
b) very low light (no light)
c) bright light

6. Bottom view of the tail. Tial has outgrowths as the head too.

7.Gieros has 6 legs: two pars of front legs and 1 of back legs. Legs have outgrowths too (the front outgrowths whith holes). Stands not normaly as on whole palm but just on the end of fingers. Gaps between fingers have membranes (the same as duck have). On pic7 you can see how he is standing and the thumb place(while standing).
8. Trace of front (left) leg.
9. Trace of back leg (both back legs have the same traces).

Gierontos (character/design) ME :icondrerika:

Join my contest [link] :la: WIN 600:points: and much more prizes :woohoo:
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BananaIguana101's avatar
Very cool creepy character , reminds me of the alien movies!
Silverslight's avatar
Question in what enviroment dose he live in and what food dose he eat?
Thanks :D
Drerika's avatar
He preferes water (even deep oceans as hes a big creature).Bu also goes to earth (as he also have 6 legs and run with them).
Eats a living creatures (no plants only animals; hunting both water and earth ones).
Silverslight's avatar
Thank you very much :D
Rackiera's avatar
(The awkward moment when you accidentally add this to the wrong collection.....)

Geeze, I have to say all of your characters are so unique!
Drerika's avatar
:lol: XD
Oh wow glad you like them :la:
Hypsas's avatar
I just read about your contest, and I must say these characters are amazing! I'll might enter :aww:
Drerika's avatar
Ow thank you, im glad you like them :D
Well then, i dont jnow, should i add you to list, or not? :>
Hypsas's avatar
My deepest pleasure :aww:
I don't know, I'm pretty busy atm and I won't promise anything.. I can tell you when I know for sure ^^
Drerika's avatar
ok say so when you will then :D i will gladly add you to the list :3
Hypsas's avatar
Yeah, and I'd love to participate! I'll note you as soon as possible c:
Drerika's avatar
ok, dont worry :>
KingGiantess's avatar
Man that colour scheme is cool. Nicely done! :D
Drerika's avatar
ERO-47's avatar
Fainas conceptas
Drerika's avatar
MonstaGuru's avatar
Very cool, his head reminds me of an ancient shark and yet keeps the design completely unique :)
Drerika's avatar
Thanks for such word :D :hug:
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