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Ref sheet: Danila

New character!

Name: Danila
Gender: male (c boy)
Species: hybrid
peacock spider (tail markings, wings),
virginia oppossum (main body/colors),
honey brown seahorse (scales on shoulders, wings, thights, undertail),
blue jay bird (feathers)

Sexual Orientation: bi
Relationship Status: not looking for mate (sorry XD)
Age: 18
Built: slender, petite
Eyes: 4 eyes (smaller pair above normal ones) are fully dark blue (no pupil, spider-like)
Hair: yellowy orange, the skin of head is dark
Haircuts: fringe and dreads over whole head banded in the end;
small mohawk with shaved stripes and small sideburns;
long hair, on the half side braided very near the head skin and banded to fall to the other side
Wings: used for digging, defence, hanging (or just for laying on the ground without getting dirty back XD)
Tail: big and quite flat, used for sitting on it, hanging
Personality: can stay up almost all night, quiet, affectionate
Clothes and Accesories: casuall/nerdy/punk/teenage male style all accesories HERE

ART, Danila (C) :icondrerika:
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can he read? since im finishing my entry, and since he is a bit nerdy...

edit: nevermind, got a way aroudn that, still how tall he is? cant find it here or im blind AF X,D
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yeah, he can read xD
and the height wouldbe around 160cm
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Love the combination of animals here.
Drerika's avatar
Tried my best! And it's always fun to design characters
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Labai idomus dizainas, mielas toks :)
Drerika's avatar
Dėkoju x3
užtrukau kol viską pabaigiau :phew:
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