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Ref sheet: Argerii (finall)

Redesign of my fantasy creature Argerii

Body features:
- male;
- height (from head to front legs): ~415 cm;
- weight: ~1590 kg;
- length of body (from head to tail): ~1290 cm;
- unnormally shapped skull-head;
- non-furry bare skin;
- fur is only on on back legs and ears;
- 7 furry long and pointy ears on head and 7 on tail (for perfect hearing to find enemy);
- striped spikes(as porcupine's) on forehead, elbows and tail top;
- specific shaped pointed teeth and two long fangs (with gold harmless endings);
-quite firm fins on neck and tail;
- 3 pipes on neck (through the fin holes) and 2 on tail (from both sides); a set of pipes on waist and left back leg; sets of 3 small pipes on right chest side and on top of the tail (through the fin hole);
- does not have eyes (he dont need them, relies on his perfect hearing);
- quicksilver blood (only hydragyrum instead of blood);
- viscera and flesh is mostly color of hydragyrum/silver(blood, tongue) and some dark bordeaux color(wounds);
- wounds are located on belly and chest(ragged and torned type with some rivets and sewing), right front leg(bitten type), right back leg(burnt type);
- sharp end of nasal;
- legs as iguanodont's (front) and mole's (back);
- 4 spines on the back

- worn during war;
- out of silver and other strong metals;
- sharp shields on head, chest, tail and all limbs;
- spears on both shoulders(with flags) and 3 on tail;
- sharp extensions of fangs;
- attachement/assemblement by strong/thick leather belts;
- bull horns on chest and hips armours;
- 2 sets of spikes on neck (from both sides, goes through holes);
- fur(of back legs) and ears (of head, tail) are tethered in order not to confuse nor to be torned away while fighting.

A big bro Sulfur…

Argerii's history is the same as Sulfur's. But he's less cruel and invulnerable than his brother. Also he attacs only then when he needs to protect himself or under given order.
Another of "killing Mashines" series.

ART, Argerii (C) :icondrerika:, 2015
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Do he and his brother kill humans? Also how large are they at their shoulder. Last question, can I draw he and his brother together for the contest?
Drerika's avatar
Humans mostly, since only they cause such seriously bad behaviour over animals
The height of bothe of them at the sholdesr is a bit more than 2 meters, just the Sulfur is slightly taller in general with his long neck
And yes, you can draw them both ^^
Wylfen's avatar
Hmm, could I get some more Information about his personality?
Like, does he like killing people or is he actually rather nice and feels bad for killing? Also, does he always complete killing orders or does he ever get soft? And does he have weaknesses?
Drerika's avatar
He was created for killing so it is like the only thing or purpose for him. He feels bad only then when he kills non-guilty people by an accident during the actual order. He might refuse to kill but usually doesn't since most of the orders are made with the right decision and appropriate researches anyway.  And as for weaknesses, not sure, I think none xD
Wylfen's avatar
Thank you very much, that helps c:
Lt--Commander's avatar
beautiful design ;3;
Drerika's avatar
Nupho's avatar
Omg I love him draw him again pls

I like the pawpads design (especially hind paws) and the colors too *o* and the ears!
Drerika's avatar
Waht do you mean by the first sentence? You want to draw him? XD
Nupho's avatar
No I wish I could ;u;
Drerika's avatar
Nupho's avatar
No I wanted to know if you would draw him again ^^
Drerika's avatar
ohhh, got you XD
I plan not only draw but make crafts with him c:
Nupho's avatar
Hey! Finally you haven't been drawing him, have you? I'm just asking, sorry if I'm bothering
Drerika's avatar
Oi, sadly barely have time for personal arts/crafts, but it is in my plans anyway ;A;
Nupho's avatar
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