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Ref Sheet: Zayderhen

A new AoSaai character.
Also this one is entry for :iconall-aosaai: group mascot contest [link]

Name: Zaiderhen (Zain/Zayn)
Gender: male
Age: 21
Species: AoSaai
Sub Species: Polar
Facial class: B (for male)
Civil status: Civil
Horns: Uncommon
Eyes: rare (red)
Fur: light red, white, black stripes.
Skin: white, yellowish green, teal (emerald).
Signs: red/black.
Black pawpads.

Has 3 long queues of hair on both sides of head.
Have had cutted his tail on a bad accident (he doesnt want to tell that story). He also shaves his legs and arms (as much fur on those limbs deosnt seem good to him).

Piercings: a spot styled on right side of nose;
ring styled on left side of bottom lip;
ring styled on left side on eyebrow;
ring styled up on left ear;
spot styled on navel.

Personality: sometimes arogant as he likes to be so, sometimes deceitful, hotheaded, smart, curious, funny, cheers others, helpfull, onefold and bit ironical to his friends, likes to talk much

A friend: Connor [link]

AoSaai species (C) =DecepticonPrius
Design/Character (C) ME :icondrerika:
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Jun 24, 2012, 12:30:45 AM
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Dragonabby's avatar
i love it! such a unique design!
Drerika's avatar
dragon-man13's avatar
hey! this is pretty cool. you did a nice work with your character and i also love the colors you add for him.
-nice art keep it up ^^
Drerika's avatar
glad you think so :la:
MightyToxic's avatar
Taip norėjau laimėti tą konkursą, bet dabar matau, kad šansų laimėti nebeturiu :D
Sekmės, neabejoju kad nugalėsi :3
Drerika's avatar
Tai jau, tavo dizainas labai gražus, turėk vilties dėl to ;P
Na man tas laimėjimas pačiai nelabai svarbus...tiesiog šį draugelį turėjau savo galvoje ir norėjau nupiešti, bet niekaip neprisiverčiau savęs to padaryt XD Tad šis konkursas privertė.
Ar taip ar kitaip man nėra labai didelio skirtumo...Bet vis gi kas neapsidžiaugtų savo pasiekimais :D
Ir tau linkiu sėkmės, ir visi iš mūsų jos nusipelnė dėl savo darbo. Bet lemiamas žodis (ar verdiktas) bus tik teisėjo. Tad žiūrėkim kas bus. Dar sykį primisnsiu - tikėk savim ;P
Buhaaghule's avatar
DAW whatta handsome!!
My third favorite!!
TOTALLY ripped between you, Xeno, and Lattedragon.
Hope one of you three win!
Drerika's avatar
Aww thank you :icondeathhugplz:
Really? But i dont know about winnig as i seen those great designs... But who know, maybe ;P Anyway we'll see that soon :D

I were thinking about this one for some time ago but never got myself to draw it.
aaahh...ya know i need to tell you this story how he came out XD hope it wont be very boring :D
I knew about this contest 3 days ago (or so). Saw the prices, but thought: i wont just draw now, and also i think theres still enought time left to participate if i would do so(but i havent looked ta the deadline:lol:). And i just closed the tab. Then yesterday, saw in my devwatch messages of AoSaai group journals, that that journal has these words on the tittle: one more day left. And then i thought: oh, the time goes fast XD, i better do sth. But seriously i wasted all that day's time just sitting near computer on DA. On evening i watched film with my sister. After on about 1 hour before midnight i went to that journal to read it all, as that tittle kinda bit nervioused me XD. And then BAM!!! the deadline was that day, the 23rd SATURDAY, and i have did NOTHING!!! Thats the things wich happens when you dont read everything ><
AND suddenly i got to my desk with all my drawing stuff. I was first time I've been drawing so FAST. Like a wind, seriously. I made it in 1hour as i finished right on midnight, wich meant that the new day starts (and also the same day on different places in the world has different time). I got so nervioused ><... also had all those 15 mins to upload it on DA with all scanning, correcting and etc...But finally uploaded. Beside that my mum shouted why im not going on bed. Thats also nervioused me :/...

After all i worked fast but with quality as i didnt wanted to make it too rushed XD. So thats how he fastly went here...
Ahh thats all of it, hope your eyes havent bored of reading.
Buhaaghule's avatar
LOL omg, that is how I usually am with ANY deadlines.
I feel like it's a bad habit or something.
I need to stop doing that, cuz ones you're out there in life, time will not take it kindly.
I am glad you got it out, doesn't look too rushed.
Doesn't have desperate marks either.
Even if he doesn't win, he is still a gorgeous AoSaai.
I am glad that you participated.
I couldn't, cuz I am no good at colorful designs.
All my OC's are very bland when it comes to colors, but their physical make up totally makes up for that.
Drerika's avatar
:lol:yup its kinda weird habit xD to make sth mins before deadline...
yeah, who would be appreciated for the beloated work :)
well i still tried to make this, and im happy of the results too, anyway i will keep it, besides i were wondering drawing Zayn in my upcomming comic(it will be about AoSaais) :D
Buhaaghule's avatar
Oh man, do it up.
He will fit in perfectly, I think xDD
Do you have the comic up on dA?
Drerika's avatar
no i just started sketching fisrts pages XD it will gonna be this summer i think :shrug: it depends on how much time i will be needing to make it :D but i never made a comic before so it will gonna be hard :D
Buhaaghule's avatar
Yeah comics are a lot of work, but I think you can totally pull through.
Just pace yourself.
Drerika's avatar
well i will try my best :la:
MonstaGuru's avatar
luv him <3

contest?! *wants to make one* >.<
Drerika's avatar
Thanks :>
yup, but its already closed (deadline was yesterday)
MonstaGuru's avatar
aww oh wells xD
rachaelm5's avatar
Those are absolutely fantastic colors and patterns. I love the vibrant contrast!
Drerika's avatar
Glad you think so :tighthug:
kuro1012's avatar
:wow: Beautiful work, DreDre. :love::clap: I love the color blends! :love:
Drerika's avatar
Awh thank yew Kuro :la:
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