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This is my Scarab Kabuki illo for week 10 in :iconbattle-artist: Like many other artist here I had no idea who Scarab was, but I have heard of the Kabuki series, just not this character. about 2 hours from start to finish. Still tired from the zombie piece lol! Well hope you digs!
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love the dynamic perspective and foreshortening
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ah, well congratz to the :iconthefirstalbatross: his :iconthefirstalbatross: beat out mine.
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Thanks man, means a lot coming from you!
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that is an awesome view
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oh WOW nice piece dreno this is totally sick
very impressed
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Thanks Voltage! Can't wait for the results of both week 10 and round 1 of the tourney! I Faved Everyone's lol.
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yup judging will be up shortly and tourny im doing a video judging
so trying that out
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great job!! man, I 'm loving the perspective really seem to challenge yourself with great angles!! again, not familiar with scarab but a sure fire success piece here!!! great stuff!! you guys are blowing this up!
dreno360's avatar time to go to bed!
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lol me too....but I can't sleep after this excitement WHAT A CONTEST!! you guys rule.
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just testing the waters i will wait for the results!
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