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The Emperor's Lift Cavalry

By Drell-7
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For the past 3 years I've been contributing to a calendar of images drawn from the Traveller RPG. This year I submitted 2, the first of which is this one. I designed the Trepida Grav Tank for the game originally, but I hadn't modeled it in 3-D until now. Also in the scene, the Astrin APC, which I also designed. Extensive art direction was done by arcass! Thanks, man!

Done in Lightwave and Photoshop. Thanks for taking a look!
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Wow.  Stunned.  My Desktop never looked so cool!

May I have your permission to use this wonder Lift Cav pic on the Traveller wiki web site please?
I need to ask for your permission, due to copyright issues.
Heres a link to the user page I wanted to show it on.


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Certainly! It would be great to have it on the Traveller wiki! Would it be possible to include a link to my website: tpeters.com ?
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Thanks a  bunch!  I shall add a link to tpeters.com along with deviantart link, give me a couple of days.
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Cool! Thanks!
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Excellent work!!  as a paratropper, i can relate to this!!
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Is the thing next to the barrel a coaxial weapon like a Z-gun or something, or is it supposed to be a sensor?
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Originally it was supposed to be a coaxial weapon--I think twin VRF gauss guns?? I designed it originally in STRIKER. Then the published design was changed in editing.
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Very interesting.  I like how you used different helmets on these soldiers than the standard design from previous battledress renderings.
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that is brilliantly done! Awesome work
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Thank you, sir. I just wish I'd had Lightwave back in the day, when I designed this tank! Would've gone much easier.
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Is this for an upcoming supplement or book for the Game?

Have  you thought about doing the Zho grav tank?
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As an ex-tanker, I am glad to see that the Imperium's Lift Cav have carried forward bad behavior of tankers and cav of the 20th century onwards.
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Just printed a copy of this and looked at this again, I am not an artist but do love art and Traveller. This is an amazing image. I think that is now my Favorite Traveller image(I'll drop arcss a note too). The angle, composition and colors are so cool but what I love best is just the plain old content!! Thanks again for sharing
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way cool! can't believe I missed this before now:) Love Traveller! Thanks again for sharing
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I have to be honest in saying my only complaint would be the turret orientation on the right one as then it would be to the left. But other than that it's pretty damn awesome... :)
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Great angle and design. Feel bad for the guys clinging outside though. ^^
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yeah, in the future there are clearly no health and safety rules! :-)
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nice :) where can I buy one of those?
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Big Traveller fan, keep it coming!
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Excellent! Always loved the Lift Infantry. Many of my Marine characters had something to do with the Duke of Regina's 5418th Lift Infantry Regiment. Such memories :) Thank you very much :)
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Oh wicked grav brigade!! love the armors.
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Nice! Not sure I ever saw the final?!?
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