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When I heard there was the possibility that Gerry Anderson's UFO would be receiving the big screen treatment, I couldn't resist doing an image of the much beloved SkyDiver, preparing to launch Sky 1 to intercept a UFO that has crept into Earth's atmosphere.
Rendered in Lightwave 8.5 with postwork in Photoshop. The great model was done by Don Showalter.
Thanks for having a look!
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OliverInkHobbyist Digital Artist
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Ooooh yes!!
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SkyDiver was my favorite ship on that show too...and I also loved Ed Straker's car!
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It looks a little bit like a Gamellon ship from Space Battleship Yamato.  I wonder if artists from either show watched eachother's stuff  :)
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Awwww yeahhhh! SkyDiver 1! Was recently watching "UFO" on YouTube (couldn't find my DVDs) and was just soaking up the Gerry Anderson genius!

I do have to ask though...was there any explanation for how Sky 1 returned to its launch cradle on the nose of SkyDiver 1 after a mission was finished? I didn't seen any during the episodes I watched...
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Drell-7Professional General Artist
I never saw/heard/read one, either. It seems kind of a major design flaw. Regardless, SkyDiver was COOL!
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master-ninjabearHobbyist Artist
Ah, beautiful work---loved this show.
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I love this series!

aqaaah - SkyDiver! With the gayest uniforms for a crew ever yet proposed!
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THat is COOL ! Bad thing, I have the theme going through my head non-stop
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Nice digital work, Tom. Especially this piece. You call it "..much beloved.." and you're right. The SkyDiver was my fave. Very very cool! Thanks for the rush of nostalgia!
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Cool! you did a Superb job! Captured the feeling of a Sky 1 Launch!
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Darth-DeviantHobbyist General Artist
I love this shot! I too look forward to the big screen UFO movie.
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ColourbrandHobbyist Digital Artist
Quality - back in the day when they MADE things.

Strange, this is decades old, yet still loved.

Goes to show what good designs do - last!

Excellent render as always. So many good memories....

I think a good TV series return of this should be, but it'll never happen - the execs rather prefer Stricly Come Dancing, I am a sad Z-list Celebrity in the Jungle, The only way is Essex - a real epidemic of vanity virus, and X-Factor. So much for choice......
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archangel72367Student Digital Artist
I would love to get my hands on this mesh! Featured in my journal!
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MandalShArKHobbyist General Artist
And que launch music....
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RalphmaxHobbyist General Artist
Very well done!
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Great image! Fantastic show:)
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Drell-7Professional General Artist
Thank you, sir!
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And I have a new desktop image to add to the rotation! Thanks!
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Drell-7Professional General Artist
You're welcome!
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karanuaHobbyist Digital Artist
That looks simply amazing, the only model I have of it is a low poly game model that came with no readme.
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Drell-7Professional General Artist
I know this one was modeled by Don Showalter, but I don't remember where I downloaded it. Its not a perfect model, but its pretty good, and certainly higher res than a game mesh.
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karanuaHobbyist Digital Artist
Judge for yourself but I added several thousand polygons clearing up some flaws and smoothing out game jaggies but the almost finished revamp of the mesh is here [link]
I've no idea where the mesh is now, I've changed machines in the time wince I rendered that (and lightwave versions).
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RobCaswellProfessional General Artist
Blubb, blubb, blubb........

And Straker said these screen windows were practical, WHY???????

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