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Derelict in the Maelstrom

By Drell-7
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While surveying the Baten Kaitos Maelstrom, U.S.S. Pioneer encounters an alien craft drifting without power. In the electromagnetic chaos of the Maelstrom, it is impossible to get reliable sensor readings, or a transporter lock, so a survey team is dispatched in a shuttlecraft for a detailed examination.
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would that be a fore-runner to the Constellation Class?
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Its an open question. The designer didn't sat--but the lines are suggestive!
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Thanks for making this great render of my model Drell-7, and to everyone's great comments about the ship design too! I really do appreciate it. :D
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This looks cool. Just like a variant of the Constellation  Class, just without the big saucer.
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I have one question....Can the saucer sepperate?
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That's a really good question! I think it probably can, by ejecting the dorsal and ventral necks at the Primary Hull line. Anyone have any hard information on this class?
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I didn't design the saucer to be able to separate, but like you say, the necks could probably be released. The nacelles could certainly be ejected. 
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Rich colors and an intimate POV with the Pioneer. The derelict almost has a ghostly feel.
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Yeah, I wanted to turn up the mystery with the derelict, so I gave it some edge light and shrouded it in the nebular mist. I think that turned out okay.
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Leave it to Drell to give us the "in the trenches" shot of the Pioneer. With Arcass, bless him, I've only seen distant shots? Great shot, my gosh those are big nacelles...those pylons look skinny by comparison. Bah no matter it's warp theory not wind sailing. :)
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very nice. like it ..
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What a striking angle!! Stunning!

Love the simple story too!
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The Pioneer has a LOT of great angles! Thanks for your note on the story=I din't want to get elaborate, but wanted to set a little mood.
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Less is more I always say - and the angle there was jawdropping!!

Who needs 3D? Good photography and excellent presentation does it spot on - like this!!

Superb sir!
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Keep up the Pioneer pics!

:) :love:
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Thanks! The design is certainly funky, and I love that about the Pioneer. More on the way!
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It's a GORGEOUS design. :):)
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Thanks, man! It was one of those "I HAVE to render this!" moments.
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speech·less/ˈspēCHlis/ Adjective:
1) Unable to speak, esp. as the temporary result of shock or some strong emotion.
2) Unable to be expressed in words: "speechless passion".

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Thank you! I've been through a dry spell lately, so I really appreciate the encouragement!
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My pleasure... your dry spells seem to be our floods so happy to encourage :) Not sure what that meant but I hope you get the idea :P
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