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What Lies Beneath



Minecraft explained.

The aim of this image was to basically summarise Minecraft in one scene - I believe I've succeeded. :D
It also coincides nicely with the official full 1.0 release of Minecraft, occurring on this very day. Congrats Notch, and thank you for such an inspired game!
I've had the most fun ever making this toon, and would love to hear your feedback. :)
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I love the artwork here! it's unsurprising that you'll be killed underground though, but it really shows that on the surface is really safe and down in the bottom, is basically like the nether, torture. I don't really have anything bad to say about this, But some minecraft logic: Caves are deep underground. But I like it a lot. You really did a good job on this, it's expresses: Minecraft itself. The things that I find interesting was the chicken that found a hole to that cave/dungeon. Only one question is asked from me, has the player been down there before, or he just started playing on a multiplayer server? But anyways, keep up the good job! Have a good day!