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Keep your dragoness charged [GIF]

Silly picture for :iconkayrea:

Main idea was that dragon should always take care of her dragoness and keep her positively charged :)
But then...omg, this idea! Glowing plushie of Kayrea, which of course will discharge after some time. And you'll have to put new batteries inside her....some way :XD:  Sorry Kay, I just had to!

Dragoness belongs to :iconkayrea:
Picture was drawn by me, :icondreit:

APNG version over there -…
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© 2015 - 2021 Dreit
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From you that's impressive, since you tend to make a mess by using vectors, gradients and other stuff, distracting you from what's important, instead of keeping it nice and clean. =D
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Thank you :aww:  Now I just must get myself to finish picture I started long time ago. I really should do that before Christmas -.-
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Dreit, you are in huuuuuuuge danger with that xD You should watch out. You never know when Kayrea will attack you:P You are really silly drake xD
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I know :-o  Good thing I'm never leaving my home :giggle:
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Hehe xD So build some obstacles for your own safety too xD
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xD You are in troubles so you need to find a way to apologize Kayrea xD
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One day I'll make plushie for her, exactly like this one =P
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But change the place where batteries should be changed or charged xD
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No no no no no, this is perfect! :meow:
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Samantha-dragon, could I kill your mate now?
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no way! =P 
...mám štěstí, že Sam nesvítí, protože je dost možné, že nejen, že by se toho dočkala ona, ale měli bychom tu gif s animací "How to replace the batteries" do detailu :icondragonkekeplz:. Žejo, Dreitíku? =P
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Máš štěstí že nemáme ještě dopodrobna nakreslenou Dreitovu anatomii, protože pak by ses nejspíš dočkala mature animace "s drakem nahoře" a indukčním dobíjením EVIL Laughter! 
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