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ATtiny development board

After about two years I'm uploading some art, hooray!

Since I closed bet with :iconsamantha-dragon:, I started to draw this thing. It wasn't looking that bad, but when I put photo next to my picture...oh my, my perspective is horrible! I wasn't even sure if I can really upload this, but...I decided to show you my fail. Fail and also first serious digital art after many years :giggle:

What is it?

This is simple development board for ATtiny microprocessors which are made by Atmel company. I acutally never programmed anything in real programming language like "C" and because I want to use microprocessor in my future HW designs, I decided to learn programming on real hardware I'll build myself. So I made this board.
Let's say thay "Hello world" on terminal is nice, but it won't make you coffee ;)

What can it do? Well, you can make for example electric candle -… - or moving light like KITT had in Knight Rider.

Why the hell are you drawing that? You should rather draw sexy ↓ creatures ↓ with huge boobs and tiny underwear! And also ponies! place I live it's impossible to get those components, so I asked :iconsamantha-dragon: to order them for me and give them to me when we'll see each other. And because it took some time, I decided to at least draw this board. I wanted to finish picture before I get components, but I was too slow. Clean lines were done when I hadn't components at home and all sketchy things (processor legs, all resistors, pinhead behind processor) were done today, just because I wanted to have picture finally finished and upload it.

And about rest of question, when I'll draw better, I will draw things like that =P

Facts about this picture:
- whole picture was drawn in Krita using Wacom Bamboo Touch tablet
- all components were drawn how I remember them, I wasn't looking how they look like or how big they are during drawing!
- I still haven't my usbasp, so I'm still waiting to even test if my board works :(  (if yes, I'll upload schematic into scraps)
- picture was drawn during unknown time, I guess it was about 30 hours including setting up Krita, lazy moments and so...
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Hmm picture looks almost like the photo of that microprocessor :)
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I wish it was really that good. On second side, I wasn't seriously drawing anything for years and forgot everything, so it isn't that bad at all :)