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Dragonplushie Costume TF 2
Dragonplushie Kostüme TF 2
By Dreikun
Korrektur von FireDragon7000
Ich fühlte mich schwach und ich wachte nur langsam, sehr langsam auf.
Erst das Zwitschern der Vögel weckte mich richtig auf.
Ich wusste nichts mehr, weder wie ich hier her gekommen bin, noch wo ich war.
Alles was ich wusste war, dass mir ungewöhnlich warm war, auch wenn es nicht unangenehm warm war. Ich Gähnte und schaute mich in dem, nun lichtdurchfluteten, Raum um.
Im Großen und Ganzen war er noch so, wie ich ihn am Abend gesehen hatte.
Staubig und die Tapeten lösten sich schon von der Wand. Ich gähnte noch einmal, was sich irgendwie seltsam anfühlte.
Ich stieg aus dem Bett, meine Füße fühlten sich sehr weich an und irgendwie fühlte sich einfach alles sehr seltsam an.
Ich schaute mich noch etwas genauer um. Neben den Schrank, wo die paar Kostüme verstaut waren, sah ich noch einen weiteren Schrank, an dem auch ein Ganzkörperspiegel angebracht wa
:icondreikun:Dreikun 5 5
Winter Sutwalk in Hamburg 7 von 7 by Dreikun Winter Sutwalk in Hamburg 7 von 7 :icondreikun:Dreikun 2 0 Winter Sutwalk in Hamburg 6 von 7 by Dreikun Winter Sutwalk in Hamburg 6 von 7 :icondreikun:Dreikun 2 0 Winter Sutwalk in Hamburg 5 von 7 by Dreikun Winter Sutwalk in Hamburg 5 von 7 :icondreikun:Dreikun 1 0 UntWinter Sutwalk in Hamburg 4 von 7 by Dreikun UntWinter Sutwalk in Hamburg 4 von 7 :icondreikun:Dreikun 1 0 Winter Sutwalk in Hamburg 3 von 7 by Dreikun Winter Sutwalk in Hamburg 3 von 7 :icondreikun:Dreikun 0 0 Winter Sutwalk in Hamburg 2 von 7 by Dreikun Winter Sutwalk in Hamburg 2 von 7 :icondreikun:Dreikun 0 0 Winter Sutwalk in Hamburg 1 von 7 by Dreikun Winter Sutwalk in Hamburg 1 von 7 :icondreikun:Dreikun 0 0
Garten Traeme temp. Pflanzen TF
Garten Träume
Temp. Pflanzen TF
By Dreikun
Es war ein schöner warmer Sommer, perfekt um zu Träumen.  Und der Garten meiner Groß Mutter war ein Perfekter Ort um im Sommer zu träumen und einfach die Zeit zu vergessen.  Ich meine der Garten hat sich in den 20 Jahren meines Lebens nie verändert naja verändert hat er sich schon, aber so unauffällig das es mir nicht sofort aufhält.  Ja meine Großmutter sagte immer das der Garten nie viel pflege braucht bz. Will. Denn der Garten ist halb verwildert und das nicht im vernachlässigten stiel sondern so als wenn dieser Garten immer schon dazu da war zu Träumen, Geschichten zu erdenken, Probleme zu vergessen und einfach zu endspannen. Man kann hier alles finden oder auch nichts. Man kann kleine Drachen zwischen den wilden Rosen trieben spielen sehen, oder auch Feen die sich um die Pflanzen kümmern wenn was mit ihnen nicht stimmt. Ja der Garten scheint  immer magisc
:icondreikun:Dreikun 11 8
Austria Landscape 2 by Dreikun Austria Landscape 2 :icondreikun:Dreikun 1 0 Austria Landscape 1 by Dreikun Austria Landscape 1 :icondreikun:Dreikun 0 0 The kitchen of the Roman era by Dreikun The kitchen of the Roman era :icondreikun:Dreikun 1 0 Fast-Food Restaurant from Roman times by Dreikun Fast-Food Restaurant from Roman times :icondreikun:Dreikun 1 0 graffiti by Dreikun graffiti :icondreikun:Dreikun 0 0 Small thermal baths in Carnuntum  5 von 5 by Dreikun Small thermal baths in Carnuntum 5 von 5 :icondreikun:Dreikun 0 0 Small thermal baths in Carnuntum 4 von 5 by Dreikun Small thermal baths in Carnuntum 4 von 5 :icondreikun:Dreikun 0 0


Pony Pooltoy TF by Avianine Pony Pooltoy TF :iconavianine:Avianine 45 2
Sacrifice for the team tg and blow up doll tf
"OK contestants, the first challenge is..." the announcer said as he turned to a nearby display with swirling text. Slowly the text slowed down and the words passing by became nearly legible, until it stopped on Sacrifice. "Sacrifice!" the announcer called out. I looked at my fellow teammates, 15 in all, seated in stadium style seating in a box, all with small hand-held buzzers in one hand. Some were pensive, clearly knowing what this challenge was, others looked as if this was new to them. It was new to me, as I hadn't been watching this show for very long. "Sacrifice, for those who are not aware," Mr. Announcer said, "is where you get points for a player willing sacrificing his- or her-self to a transformation of their choosing. The sooner the person sacrifices, the more points the team gets. There are catches, however, the sooner the person sacrifices, the longer the transformation lasts. The first to sacrifice will be transformed for the entire length of their contract, a full year
:iconlilyneedsahug:LilyNeedsAHug 45 5
The Machines TG
Nate was perplexed about the mail he was reading. It said that he was selected at random to win a new house. Inside was a deed to the house, two sets of keys, and the address. He went to the address and found that the key actually worked. Not only that, but the house was already mostly furnished. Seeing nothing wrong with this, he packed up his stuff from his apartment and moved into the house. Upon wandering the house he found that it was way too big just for him, so he told his best friend, Mike, to come live with him. Mike agreed.
A few days later, Mike and Nate both moved into the house. It didn't seem as big with the both of them in it, but it was still big enough that they stayed on opposite sides of the house. Unfortunately for them, they hadn't discovered the true nature of this house. Little did they know there was tons of machinery in the walls and rooms of the house.
One morning, they were both eating breakfast, when suddenly mechanical arms grabbed Nate, kidnapping him. Mik
:iconkoishis-captions:Koishis-Captions 147 3
Dolled Up: Teddy Bear
Dolled Up: Teddy Bear
Themes: TG, TF, AR
Written by NineTailWyndfox
Click. Click. Click.
A man in his mid-thirties was feverishly typing away at his keyboard connected to a large monitor. His work wasn’t really anything noteworthy. Just a bunch of technical documents that talks about company policies and other boring stuff. While all this was boring, it does pay decently enough for the bills and other necessities.
After finally signing the last page with the name, Walter Newman, he pushed away from his desk on his roller chair and breathed a sigh of relief.
“Well, that’s it for Monday’s deadline,” sighed Walter. “Now to get started for on the next set for new Monday.”
Before he could begin, however, the door to his home office burst open. Startled, the man turned towards the culprit of that shock. Running towards him was a young girl around the age of 10. She had a Teddy bear hugged against her light blue dress, which seemed to highlight t
:iconninetailwyndfox:NineTailWyndfox 42 6
Bridesmaid Tg
It  was the day of my cousin, Brett's wedding and I was eager and excited to go. Since we were the same age exactly both 25 and guys we had gotten along pretty much since the first time we met. We had a really close relationship, we were pretty much best friends with one another. But it really surprised me when he didn't pick me as his best man for the wedding or even in the group with all of his best friends. We were really close. Did he just forget my name? Surely not. It did piss me off a bit but I wasn't gonna ask him to would just makes things really awkward. There was a pre wedding reception that would take place about 3 hours before the actual wedding started and I decided to go to that with my friend Elise who was one of the bridesmaids and she was very close with the bride Claire. I got all dressed up in my suit and tie and drove Elise and I to the reception. It was really nice and the food there was amazing. It was all going fine before Elise and a couple of her friends,
:icongdfrbro133:gdfrbro133 48 4
A Ssstrange Ssswap
    Trip woke up as a loud strange sound echoed in his room. As soon as he heard it, a tremendous pain filled his belly, but he tried to ignore it by looking around his room for the source of the sound. Only to find a long, large shape writhing around at the foot of his bed. The dirty blonde got up and his concerned eyes tried to make out what was in his room. 
    He cried out as he recognized his main Pokemon rolling around in pain. It's narrow red eyes looked up at it's Trainer and it let out a pained cry in desperation. Trip quickly rushed to his Serperior's aid and wrapped his arms around its neck, stroking its cheek gently. The Trainer felt his Pokemon's long tail wrap around his side. 
    "What's wrong, Serperior?" The dirty blonde asked, concern in his ice blue eyes.
    The serpent was unable to answer as its pain only seemed to get worse as his Trainer tried to comfort it. Trip could almost feel a
:iconmoonshine210:MoonShine210 3 11
Cow therapy (Cow TF/MC)
Billy was just sat at home reading a newspaper like he does every day after he buys one from downtown.
"what is this" Billy asked himself.
As Billy was reading the newspaper, he suddenly found an interesting article the was titled Cow Therapy and it read
Cow Therapy
been feeling a lot of stress lately, nervous about something and want to take your mind of all of those problems. Well then come on down to Johnson farm for some cow therapy to take your mind of all of those problems. Once the procedure is complete, you won't know what you were even worried about in the first place.
"I might as well see what this Cow Therapy is like" Billy said
Billy then closed the newspaper as he placed it down on the table for him to finish reading when he get's back. Billy then walked over to the door to get his fleece on and he even got his shoes on then he stepped outside to head to the farm.
Shortly after Billy left his home and went out to the farm to try out the strange thing called Cow Therapy. He
:icondraco-firestorm:Draco-Firestorm 11 0
Man into Anthro Dolphin Bimbo(TF/TG)
Thomas was just an average teen,about 18.However,he was the only one in his school who can't swim.He would always beat himself up over it.He decides to go to the local beach,and try to surf.And to swim.
"Come on,Tom.You can do this..."He says to himself.He gets on his board,and begins paddling.However,time to time,he just couldn't swim.He grumbles,and looks at the night.He saw the beautiful full moon,and smiled."The moon's always so beautiful...Iwish I could learn how to swim perfectly..."He mentally wished to self,and began to go back to the shore.However,he was unaware of what's happening underwater...his legs was turning grey,and the hair on his legs was falling(and floating to the top)off.His feet become more dainty,and became a bit webbed.This he noticed.
"Huh,what the?! My legs?"He looks down.His hair was growing longer,about to his back,and was going from a brown to a dirty blonde.His waist began caving in,as the muscles in his arms and legs disappear.His hands turn grey,and los
:iconsonicvshtf654:sonicvshtf654 36 4
Amelia's Salon Day 1 (TG Story)
    I still couldn't believe that was the punishment I got stuck with. I mean, I get that I broke the law and that I should make some sort of recompense to this weird fucking store, but really? I had to work at that shit shack just because I decided to spice up it's walls with some spray paint art? I guess it is better than going to jail or something, but I know it was just my dad who made this happen. Being a police officer's son might have its benefits, but it also means that when he finds out about what you did and gets super pissed he gets to give you the punishment he knows you want the least. I had never actually been in the salon until I came here for my first day of "work" and its just as creepy on the inside as it is the outside. The chairs seem pretty new, but aside from that everything in the place looks centuries old. The shelves were stocked with weird bottle that were made out of wood and stone like some Indiana Jones movie, but the creepiest thing of all i
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 49 2
Nidoqueen Living Suit TF TG by Avianine Nidoqueen Living Suit TF TG :iconavianine:Avianine 59 13 Swing fun by ShaneTheWolf Swing fun :iconshanethewolf:ShaneTheWolf 6 0 Hide and Seek by ShaneTheWolf Hide and Seek :iconshanethewolf:ShaneTheWolf 5 1 cute wolves by ShaneTheWolf cute wolves :iconshanethewolf:ShaneTheWolf 5 0 behind view by ShaneTheWolf behind view :iconshanethewolf:ShaneTheWolf 10 1 Bark by ShaneTheWolf Bark :iconshanethewolf:ShaneTheWolf 6 1 Are You Lost Redone Chapter 1 Page 1 by sketchyspaghetti Are You Lost Redone Chapter 1 Page 1 :iconsketchyspaghetti:sketchyspaghetti 48 2




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Favourite style of art: Jugendstil, In und Expressionismus, Surrealismus
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