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Hello again!. :woohoo:

Phoenix Dream RPG video game development team has decided to make yet another contest. Which means that there will be two contests going on at the same time so be sure to check out them both ;)
This time the contest will be simple: Draw one of the "Faded Haven" protagonists or antagonists.

As the characters are already, so to say, predetermined the most important aspect will be the art itself and imagination.
You are allowed to make changes in character's appearance as long as it stays the same person and you can still guess who it is. Which actually is pretty much the same thing, but whatever ^^;
Below I'll list the characters. To see their appearance click on their name :)

Dalia Wydman is a 20 years old, merciful human girl with strong character who saw her parents being killed by a man named Kayro and now is traveling the world searching for the man to get her revenge. She is a Gunner and Crimson mage. Her weapons are staffs, bows and guns and she uses heavy armor.
Dreik Stormtracker is a 17 years old, friendly and adventurous half-elf guy searching for adventures and willing to help Dalia. He was born in a noble family and after the loss of his parents raised by a dragon. He is an Elemental mage and Warrior. His weapons are swords and shields and he doesn't use armor.
Sidix Blackwood is an 18 years old, ironic, skilled and loyal human guy who helps Dalia to escape from prison. After the loss of his family he served in Kauton castle. He is a Gunner and Amulet Summoner. His weapons are guns and other ranged weapons as well as knives and he uses light and medium armor.
Mai Tcheno is a 19 years old, joyful and hyperactive human girl who joins the team because her father's spirit has embodied in Dalia. She is daughter of one of the heroes who ended the age of terror, Cronos Tcheno. She is Wild mage and Rogue. Her weapons are daggers, swords and shields and she uses light or no armor at all.
Kacy Blackwood is a 17 years old, clumsy human girl who is skilled in transport mechanics. She joins Dalia because Sidix is her long lost brother. She is the chief engineer in Ludlow and good friends with Migraine. She is Necromancer and Doctor. Her weapons are wands and clubs and she doesn't use armor.
Cain Nael is a 19 years old, distanced human guy who escaped the prison together with Dalia. He is a son of a tyrant who once ruled over the Mystic continent, but was brought down by his sons. He was accused for killing his brother. He is Dark knight and Sphere mage. His weapons are any dual weapons and he uses heavy armor.
Amnesia Berenice is a 33 years old, feminist vampire girl who hates Dalia and joined her by Kayro's request. She is long lost daughter of Migraine and was turned into vampire at the age of 21. She is a Beast Trainer and Dark mage. Her weapon is a whip or no weapon at all and she wears light armor.
Akuma is a 5000 years old raven demon guy who looks at the world in his own way. He initially stole team's ship, Argo, but when was caught proposed to help them in exchange of his freedom. He has spent most of life in a magical sleep. He is a Thief and Fighter. He doesn't use weapons and don't wear armor.
Cachi Tori is a 26 years old, talkative and kind human guy whose passion is history. He joins Dalia to help her find some materials for transforming Argo into an airship. He is Weapon Master and Holy mage. His weapons are any two handed close combat weapons and he uses no armor.
Sonia Dao is a 20 years old, heroic human girl. She helps Dalia to escape from prison. She is former slave and now a local hero of Kauton. She is an Assassin. Her weapon is Katana and throwing weapons and she uses light armor.
Migraine Berenice is a 58 years old, Rum loving and hilarious human woman. She brings Dalia over the seas for the first time. Migraine is the most famous pirate captain, best friend of Kacy and mother of Amnesia. She is a Pirate. Her weapons are cutlass and an old musket and she uses light and medium armor.

Kayro Whait is a young man with different ethics who chases his past. He is the one who killed Dalia's parents so becoming the first villain of the game. He initially works together with M.I.L.O. and Astaroth. He is a victim of Blood soldier experiments in result of what he got Lich King inside him. He fights using both dark magic and his 2 katanas.
M.I.L.O.  is an artificial life form created to cure people, but as a side effect gained intelligence and power to control any being or object. He is driven by a fear of death. Manipulated by Astaroth he causes the havoc in the world.
Astaroth is the most evil being in the world. He manipulates M.I.L.O. and other villains only to have fun. Being a half darkness demon he possesses incredible speed, power and magical power which combined with his wide range of abilities and coat of darkness that makes him almost invincible makes him into the hardest boss of the game.  
Rebecca is the sister of Astaroth. She follows her brother's orders without a word and never reveals who she actually is. With her beast trainer skills she leads the gryph attacks.
Ryu Moon is a half-elf who looks just like Dreik with exception of hair color, have a similar past and abilities. He hates humans and anyone who abuses children. In team with Lilith Rose, a young blood thirsty girl who was saved by Ryu, they terrorize Kauton and work under Astaroth. His offensive and her supporting skills make them a formidable team.
Raiden Thundergrave is a crimson mage looking for fame, power and wealth in any place possible. He is the last survival of his family. Recruited by Rebecca he joins Astaroth's team.
Grant is a dark dragoon that has declined the laws of dragoons and look to dominate all dragons. His love to blood and carnage is exceptional. He works under Astaroth in order to achieve his goals.
Iscariot is an ignorant and incredibly arrogant man that believes to be messenger of god and act upon its will. His holly magic and knight skills were feared even during the age of terror. As thanks for releasing him from prison he helps Astaroth. (Iscariot is the only character that doesn't have a picture so he is your chance for more freedom in appearance. The base is that he is a tall 2 m human with short blond hair and full plate armor. And his weapon is a claymore.)

1. You may enter as many times as you want but each entry must be of a different character.
2. The same person can't get more than one place no matter how many entries he/she submits.
3. Your entry should be of your own work.
4. Your entry can differ from the original as long as it's the same person and we can guess who it is. Change clothes, give them a new hairstyle or some piercings ;) get creative!!
5. Deadline? Contest starts NOW and ends April 20th, 2013. :)
6. The designs should be posted to your DA gallery along with a link to this journal post so people can easily see what the contest is all about.
7. On your art piece, you must include this tag in the TITLE so that I know you're entering it into the contest: (Phoenix Dream Character contest) or simply (PD Character contest)
8. You need to tell me about your entry by sending me a note or writing in a comment below.
9. Judging will be done by Phoenix Dream team, but all the thoughts of other people will be taken in mind so be sure to leave a comment.
10. In case the contest don't have at least 5 entries it will be annulled.
11. If you have questions check out FAQ. or ask me through a Note or in a comment.  
12. The Prizes aren't yet complete. If anyone has any ideas for a prize, or perhaps knows an artist who would be willing to offer his drawing as a prize, or has an artist whose drawing he wants please tell me. I would offer my drawing but I believe we all agree that I suck at drawing :D


First place:
- Opportunity to work with Phoenix Dream team.
- A full colored drawing from our Art director Siyu Xue. :iconxkanddf:
- 200 Points here on DA
- A print of Dear Little one by :iconsaimain:
- 3 month journal feature both here and in Phoenix Dream group. :iconphoenix--dream:
- 12 Month Premium Membership

Second place:
- Opportunity to work with Phoenix Dream team.
- 100 Points here on DA
- A print of Glance lineart by :iconsaimain:
- 2 month journal feature both here and in Phoenix Dream group. :iconphoenix--dream:
- 3 Month Premium Membership

Third place:
- Opportunity to work with Phoenix Dream team.
- 50 Points here on DA
- 1 month journal feature both here and in Phoenix Dream group. :iconphoenix--dream:

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Phoenix Dream Character contest Akuma Walking by Ndon1000 PD Character contest_M.I.L.O. by bakeddeer :thumb361800883: PD Character Contest: Astaroth by m-AliceM Rebecca by Caxapa6595 Phoenix Dream Character contest Sidix Blackwood by Ndon1000 Raiden Thundergrave (PD Character contest) by Caxapa6595 PD Character Contest - Iscariot 'Nighttime Storm' by DarkKnightMatt :thumb365378637: Phoenix Dream Character contest : Amnesia Berenice by toscabear PD Character contest: Dalia by MaGeHiKaRi

Q: So, uh.. Is this contest is only about redrawing the characters? :D may I add a background or may I draw 2 characters at one picture?:)
A: Yes you can do that  You can even make a whole composition, like this one: i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh…

Q: So what's a raven demon? Is it completely free for interpretation?
A: Raven demons have green eyes with feline pupils, arrow shaped tail and devil like horns. (click at character's name for appearance). They can also turn into ravens - hence the name. The average lifespan of raven demon is around 15000 - 25000 years. They are able to fly or teleport, are stronger and faster than humans, have good vision and good ears. They usually practice stealing. They are rare and usually are killed by other demons or other races on sight.

Q: Where I must submit my art?
A: Just draw the picture and make a comment in the contest with a link to the image :) (it's actually very well written in the rules)

Q: And do you have example art maybe?
A: You can look at all the example art by clicking on each character's name.

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here's my entry : [link]