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Freezing fire

Again contest entry, this time for :icondifferent-dragons:'s contest, theme was "Double element"

Theme wasn't the easiest for me I must say, but I hope this can do it, after all there's fire and ice :dummy:

Art and all (c) Me
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kinda like Jakrio :)
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I love your style! And this picture is awesome! I really like how you drew the wings. I wish I could draw wings as well as that.
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This is awfully old so I wouldn't say it's so good, but thank you anyways! :D
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I still say it's very good, and you're welcome!
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very awesome! Nice style ^^
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I like your dragons, the style and everything... I just think this would look better as digital art... Like on photoshop 7 or something...
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You don't know how much I would want PS, but here in Finland they're too expensive for me ><
NightmareLotus's avatar
it's expensive everywhere -.-
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interesting concept! :-)
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Pretty awesome looking and interesting dragon :)
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I know of a few things that has that kind of fusion.
The twin witches from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. [link]
Hailfrire Peaks from Banjo-Tooie [link]
Demodragon from the cartoon "Dungeons and Dragons" [link]
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wow, coolio designs for both of them.
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Oo kiva tämä! ;3 ♥ kivasti olet onnistunut tuon double-elementin toteuttamaan. : D Jotenkin tosi erilaiset noi puolet ja sitten ooh ne onkin samaa ja se on hianoa. : )
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Kiitos, kiitos X3 oli kyl välil vähän vaikee tehä ku meinas värittää väärää puolta vääräl väril =P
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Ihanasti tehty väritys! :dummy:
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