Riding with Rai

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The sun is shining on a warm summer’s day as Rai lays down in his stall, soaking the sun into his pitch black flesh.

The stable doors open and all eyes turn to them, seeing just who walks in this time.

Bubba enters the stables, looking at his watch and smiling to himself.
He reaches Rai’s stall and knocks on it, causing a mound clang to sound.

“Good morning, big guy.”
As Bubba speaks, Rai stands and moves over to his stall gate, letting Bubba rub his hand around the beast’s muzzle.
“I see that you’re agreeable today. Perfect.”

Bubba opens Rai’s stall and leads the dark stallion to the tack wall, where I handsome golden yellow bridle and saddle pad hand.

Rai nickers and Bubba pulls down the prices of gear, putting them on the beast’s body.
Once the bridle and pad are on, Bubba opts to dote on Rai for a little bit before putting a saddle on.
Bubba runs his hands up and down the stallion’s neck, then all around his head, earning varying degrees I’d nip filled nuzzles for his effort.

Bubba leads the stallion to a different rack where saddles of all shapes and sizes rest.
He grabs a black leather one, and easily fits it to Rai’s girth.

Rai doesn’t bother struggling against Bubba’s touch anymore. He knows that it’s be futile anyways.

Once Rai is all saddled up, Bubba leads him out into the sunlight, and out to a paddock a short distance away from the stables.

One short lunge session later, and Rai is standing back at Bubba’s side, waiting for orders.
Bubba smiles as he gently rubs the base of Rai’s neck as he guides him to one of the fences.
Once they’re by the fence Rai nickers and shakes himself out before looking back to Bubba, who is standing on the fence.

Thirty seconds later, and Rai is trying to buck Bubba off of his back with all his might.
Bubba holds on with ease, constantly soothing the stallion, who slowly but surely calms down and settles into having a human’s weight on his back.

Bubba runs his right hand up and down Rai’s neck.
“See, big guy, was that so hard?”

Bubba clicks his tongue and Rai starts to walk forward, not used to being ordered around, and unsure of if he hated it or not.

Rai lets the reigns turn him and Bubba’s weight and calm voice shift on his back.

After about thirty minutes of walking and cantering around the small square paddock, Bubba dismounts and Rai watches him, wondering what comes next.

Bubba gently pets Rai’s head, scratching just behind his horns and under his chin, smiling all the time.
“Thank you, Big guy. Let’s get you untacked.”
Bubba leads the stallion back into the stables, where he stands perfectly still so that Bubba can take the saddle, saddle pad, bridle, and everything else off.

Rai nickers and tosses his head as soon as he’s free from all of the gear, trotting around the inside of the stables before moving back over to his stall.

Bubba chuckles as he watches the stallion, and he lets him go back into his stall.
Bubba joins him in the stall, brush in hand as Rai stands still and rests his eyes.

Bubba runs the brush over Rai’s slick back, rubbing the beast’s neck with his other hand.
Rai stands still as Bubba works, rather enjoying the scratches that the brush provide, and not minding the neck message either.

Once Bubba has finished brushing Rai’s coat, mane, tail, and polishing his horns a bit, Bubba moves to exit the stall.

Rai moves, blocking the exit for Bubba.
“What’s the matter, big fella? Want a little tussle before I head out, or do you want me to stick around till you fall asleep again?”
Rai puffs and moves to lay down, nudging Bubba’s leg with his nose. The man chuckles sits by the stallion’s head, letting it rest in his lap.

Bubba pets Rai’s head, rubbing along the beast’s jaw, as well as around his horns and muzzle.

As Bubba rubs around Rai’s muzzle, Rai gently bites Bubba’s hand.
Okay, bite isn’t really the right word.
It’s more a gentle scoop than a nom or a chomp.

Bubba smiles and continues to pet Rai with his other hand, running it through Rai’s short red and gray mane and around the beast’s horns once more.

“You’re not so bad, once you calmed down and given a bit of time... Rest well, big guy.”
© 2020 Dreemurr00
A continuation of the story line of Rai, who I adopted from ForeignBlackJack
Sense last time, not much has happened, but Bubba has spent plenty of time with Rai.
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