Rescuing Rocket

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Rocket bumps around in his stall at the Rescue Haven, uncomfortable in the tight space, and freaking out because he can hear dogs and other horses around.

One day, Rocket bites three caretakers, and the people of the Haven decide that they can’t do much more with him, so the devise a little competition.
“If you can successfully calm Rocket down, and get a bridle on him, he’s yours to take.”

People from all around the small state hear of the competition and head over to try their best.
A month passes and no one has gotten anything better than a bite or broken arm out of Rocket.

On one particularly hot summer day, a man around 19 arrives at the barn to try his luck with the now infamous “Rocket, wild and mean stallion”

The man requests to see Rocket in his stall, to which the people of the Haven allow him.

The man watches as Rocket paces around in the rather cramped stall, puffing and shaking himself out every couple of seconds.
The man asks to try.

The people of the Haven let Rocket out into a small paddock, where the beast bucks against nothing in particular as he runs in circles.

The man follows the way to Rocket’s paddock.
He studies the distressed stallion for a moment, then he hops the fence.

The man circles Rocket, noticing the scar’d blindness in his left eye, while the other glows a handsome green color.

The man slowly draws nearer, continuing the circle around Rocket’s right.
The beast keeps the man in sight the entire time, making sure that the man has no plans of harming him.

Ten feet away now.
Rocket has become less frantic and is watching the man with something like fear in his eyes.

Five feet away.
Rocket is puffing harder than ever, watching the man’s slow approach and seemingly lack of plan.

One foot from Rocket’s face is where the man draws to a stop.
Rocket looks confused, closing that last bit of distance between him and the man.

The man smiles and lightly blows into Rocket’s nostrils, a common polite greeting amongst horses.
Rocket nickers and returns with a gentle exhale of his own.

The man slowly raises his hand to the Bay spotted stallion’s head, rubbing where the head connects with the neck.
Rocket huffs happily, allowing the man to continue his rub down.

Once the man has rubbed all over Rocket’s head and neck, even over the scars across his muzzle, left eye, and base of his neck, the man pulls a beautiful green bridle, quietly speaking to Rocket as he moves it for him to smell.

“It’s alright, big guy. It’s not going to hurt you.”
The man says as Rocket sniffs at it then puffs.
“Nice and easy does it.”

The man moves to slip the bridle over Rocket’s head, still speaking in his deep and kind voice as he fastens all of the buckles on the beast.

It is over.
The man has calmed and bridled the beast.

The man moves to Rocket’s side, rubbing his back, getting a little bit of a buck in response, though the man had his plan.

The audience of people from the Haven began to cheer loudly, throughly spooking Rocket, but that’s why the man got where he is, to hold him in place with gentle manipulation.

Rocket puffs and scrapes his front hooves through the paddock dust, though he doesn’t move beyond that at all.
The man rubs just along the base of Rocket’s neck, working out a good and tough muscle knot that had been there for oh so long.

Once the applause from the crowd has died down, the man clips a lead to Rocket’s bridle, leading the well muscled beast to the very edge of the paddock where Rocket decides that the best idea is to jump the fence with no build up or troubles.
The man smiles as the worker crowd watches stunned.

The man hops the fence and leads Rocket away, speaking to him in his deep and kind voice the whole time.

Soon, they reach a truck with a trailer hooked to it’s back.
Rocket sees the trailer and begins to act up, tossing his head and tugging away from it.

The man leads on though, keeping a gentle and guiding hand in Rocket’s neck the whole time.

They soon reach the trailer’s gate, but Rocket stops and refuses to enter.
He knows how trailers work.
He knows how he lost his eye.

The man lengthens the lead and he steps into the trailer himself before gently tugging on the rope to draw Rocket forward.
Rocket, slowly but surely, makes his way into the trailer before the man gives him another through pat down as a reward for being so brave.

“Everything is going to be alright,”
Says the man
“Bubba’s going to give you a nice home.”
© 2020 Dreemurr00
(I recently adopted Rocket from TerracottaVulture and this is the story of how my character came to own such a fine beast.)
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This is such a nice story! Thank you for adopting Rocket.

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Thank you for letting me.
I’m sure that we’re going to get along great!
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you're welcome!