Reaching Rai

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Rai stands in his stall, puffing agitatedly.
No one had been to see the handsome black Draco Equus sense last night.

Suddenly, the door to the stables opens, revealing a heavy storm billowing outside as two people step in.
One that Rai is very familiar with, and a total stranger.

Rai huffs and runs his horns into the stall doors as the people come closer.

“He’s very particular, and usually aggressive, even with me, and I raised the bugger...”

The new man locks eyes with Rai before speaking.
“Then he’ll fit right in. Should I bring the trailer right up to the door to grab him, or do you have a plan?”

“Please, god bring the trailer while I say a last goodbye.”

The new man nods and walks back out into the miserable weather before Rai’s (Ex)-owner turns to him.

“Well, big guy, I finally found someone who is willing to take you. I can’t say I’m not going to miss you, but...”
The whurring of wheels is heard outside and the familiar man stops talking.
“Goodbye, Rai.”
As the familiar man reaches to pat the side of Rai’s head, Rai gives him a hard nip, causing the man to recoil and sigh.

The new man comes over with a strong looking bridle in his hands, once again locking eyes with Rai before speaking and acting.
“Rai... that’s a nice name.”
The man moves closer, dodging a full bite from the beast before slipping the halter over his head.
“And you seem like a perfectly fine beast, once you’re comfortable.”
Rai repeatedly tries to bite the man, who looks to be around 19 years old, with his sharp fangs, though the man dodged with ease and finishes clipping the halter.

The man smiles at his handiwork, the halter admittedly looks good Rai, but he still isn’t happy about having to wear it.

The man clips a lead to the halter and opens the door to his stall, but Rai has other plans.
The stubborn stallion puffs and stops his feet on the cold cement, not moving from his stall.

The man smiles at Rai before pulling a single sugar cube out of his pocket and letting Rai sniff it.
Rai does so, but he refuses to eat it. He knows that trick.

Slowly, four more sugar cubes are added to the pile in the man’s hand, and he allows himself to be lead to the trailer.

Rai doesn’t bother trying to bite the man on the way to the trailer, it just feels like wasted effort in his opinion.

Once Rai is all settled into the trailer, the man drives back to Bubba’s farm, a safe space for anything and everything.

Two weeks pass, Rai is slowly warming up to the 19 year old man, who he learns is named Bubba.

One day, Bubba enters the stables, once again revealing a rancid storm like the day Rai was sold on.

Bubba walks to one stall in particular after closing the door, the home of a frantic stallion who Rai can recognize as Rocket.

Bubba manages to soothe the stallion, cooing to him softly and letting him know that everything will be fine.
Rocket’s huffing slows to a stop as the man enter his stall and helps him fall asleep, laying him down and gently rubbing his taught muscles.

Once Rocket is soothed, Rai continues to watch Bubba move, seemingly unhindered and easy despite his soaked clothes and rather morose looks.

Rai whinnies and Bubba walks over to him, raising his hand and running it along the side of Rai’s face.
“What’s the matter, big guy?”

Rai shakes his head and backs up, making more room in his stall.

“Oh, I see.”
Bubba opens the stall and enters, and before he can get another word in, Rai has started nuzzling his leg from the ground.

Bubba chuckles and sits by the strong beast, running his hands along his neck, head, horns, and though his mane.
“Good boy, asking instead of demanding.”

As Bubba pets Rai, the stallion lays his head in the human’s lap, quietly huffing, happy with his success.
Bubba keeps Rai calm as the rubs his neck with a well worked pair of hands, the others of the stable are all asleep, or don’t care that their master is doting on a new and rather mean beastie.

Bubba talks. Nothing important is said, but his deep and caring voice rings through the stables, helping everyone relax.

Rai’s tail curls around him as he closes his eyes and nuzzles his head into Bubba’s lap.

“Sleep well, Big guy.”
© 2020 Dreemurr00
(The story of how my character came into ownership of Rai from ForeignBlackJack with a quick mention of Rocket, who I got from TerracottaVulture I hope you have fun reading, and please have a good day.)
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