Kings Meeting

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A bright red Serpent Stallion with a green neck flap and scaly yellow belly lays in a small cage at the edge of an illegal animal sale.
He rests his Arabian built frame as he sticks his tongue out at everyone who passes, smelling things about them.

Many of them smell lazy and rich.
Some reek off dirt and contempt.
A few smell like blood and gunfire.

The stallion turns his head up at all of them, knowing that they won’t give him what he wants.
Then comes along a young man, around 19 years old.

The man stops at the cage and locks eyes with the beast, who guesses that his smell will be rich and fat like most others.
He could not be more wrong.

When the stallion sticks his forked tongue out to smell the man, he smells the musk a thousand animals, all somehow topped by the man’s power. The stallion smells the dirt of a hard worker, but not the stewing dirt smell of uncleanliness. Lastly, the stallion smell something strong and intrusive. It gets in his mind and he can’t stop smelling it.
This man reeks of blood, drawn by his own hands.

The stallion stands and bows his head to the man, who smiles and approaches the woman in colorful garbs if he can buy him.

“If King likes you, I’d be glad to sell him off! But if he doesn’t. I’m afraid that he wouldn’t make any use to you.”

The man agrees and the duo walk right to the front of King’s cage.
The man reaches his hand forward for King to smell once more, but the stallion jumps back a little on instinct.
Once he’s calmed down, King smells the man again and bows his head.

The woman’s jaw drops before she leads the man back up front to pay.

About ten minutes later, and the man is allowed to enter the cage with his newly owned Snake Stallion.
The man draws his truck and trailer up by the cage before entering.

As he enters, King locks eyes with him again and puffs a little before bowing his head again.

The man offers King the back of his hand to smell one last time.
He does.

The man gently pets the side of King’s head, rubbing under the stallion’s chin before moving to scratch his neck fan.

Now, how would you react if a man that you could smell the murder on began to scratch a spot that you couldn’t reach in a million years?
That’s a good question, but it won’t be on the test.

King lifts his head, allowing the man to pet all over his neck and fan, letting out a happy little hiss the entire time, like a soda bottle that has been shaken up and not opened fully.

The man takes a step back from King before extending a green bridle to him, letting him smell it.

“King. That’s a nice name. I’m sure you know what this is.”
The man says as King bows his head again, giving the man a perfect shot at bridling the beast.
“It’s good to know that you won’t be much of a problem.”

The man fastens the bridle around King’s head before leading him out of the cage and to the trailer.
King smells the trailer. It smells happy, like what you’d get if you let a two year old pick a puppy.
King jumps in without hesitation, getting situated in it before the man even has to tell him what to do.

The man closes the trailer gate and climbs into the truck before driving off.

About an hour later, and the man is letting King out of the trailer on his land.
King sniffs the air, and can make out a thousand beasts smells and pasts, so he allows himself to be lead away by the man’s gentle hand.

The man leads King to a large stable building, where he shows the stallion to a comfortably sized stall.

“King, you’ve been through a lot. Please, rest here till I can get you a proper home.”
The man gently runs his hand across the back of King’s fan, which wiggles slightly as he enters the stall.
“Rest well, tired King. I’ll be to call soon.”
© 2020 Dreemurr00
(King is my most recent Adopt from Eclipticwyvern He has undergone some small physical changes from the bust adopt in question, but I’d chalk that up to my bad art skills.
Anyways, enjoy the show!)
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EclipticwyvernHobbyist Traditional Artist

I'd be happy to draw up a reference for him if you like!

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Already done, though I’m not opposed to you doing one too.
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EclipticwyvernHobbyist Traditional Artist

alright, well if it's ok I'll start one, I'm drawing lots of equines rn

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I’d really appreciate it.

thank you.

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EclipticwyvernHobbyist Traditional Artist

here he is, it was a quick ref but i hope it's ok!^^'

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He’s perfect!
I really like the way you did the neck fan!
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EclipticwyvernHobbyist Traditional Artist

Thanks! I'm glad you like him!^^

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EclipticwyvernHobbyist Traditional Artist

Of course!^^

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