Breaking Brutus

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A sea green Sea Dragon lays its head on the land as it thinks about what left it in the shallow lake it calls home.
The beast thinks back to years earlier, before a farm had sprouted up around his lake.

The beast’s breath becomes slow and heavy as it thinks back to a small human child.
That child had loved him, cared for him, saved him!
But soon the child began to lose interest in a small water creature that it couldn’t even pet...

One day, the parents of the child realized that the beast wasn’t being cared for, so they set to work...

The now very large Sea Dragon lets out a pained roar as it struggles to forget what it had just remembered, beginning to thrash in the water it calls home.

A trio of farm hands rush to the scene, see exactly what they expect, and they call animal control.
Of course, Animal control still can’t do anything.
Scales, being larger than any of them, and being upset are all pretty big factors when you operate in darts, domination, and sleep.

The trio of farm hands run back to the farm house where the old farmer couple that own the place rest.

“Mister and Misses Brown!”

The old couple look up. The old man sighs while the old woman smiles.

“What did you all do this time?”
“What can we do for you?”

“Well bosses, we need a bit of help.”
“You two don’t have to come of course, but we was thinking... ya know.”
“Do you have the phone number for that guy that took Bully away about a month ago?”

“Yeah, why?”
“We do. What’s the matter.”

“Lake Dragon’s acting up again!”
“Animal Control is useless!”
“He’s better at our jobs than we are.”

The old couple page the man who had taken a particularly mean Drake away from their farm just under a month ago, learning that the man’s name is Bubba. They explain the issue and no more than an hour later, Bubba’s truck was pulled up to the farm house with trailer in toe.

Bubba gets out of his truck as in instantly bombarded with questions by the farm hands, including what they should do to get better at their work.
“Alright, would someone mind showing me to the Dragon’s Lake? It’d be better if I didn’t get lost here. While I’m at it, I might be able to teach you all a bit more about my practices.”

The farm hands lead the Lake, melting at the offer of actual training.

Once the quartet reach the lake, they see that animal control is gone, the Sea Dragon has calmed down, and that the lake is three inches shallower than when they had followed the roar.

Bubba walks to the edge of the lake and looks down into it, seeing the dragon curled up at the bottom.

“Watch my stuff. I’m going in.”

The trio of farm hands start to freak out as Bubba gets down to som skintight underwear that he keeps on him, just in case.
He folds and lays his clothes a few feet from the edge of the lake before diving in.

Bubba swims down what can’t be more than twelve feet and he reaches the Dragon, who puffs in his sleep.
Bubba runs his hands along the beast’s back, making note of his wings and long tail, which is curled around him.

Bubba swims to the beast’s face and pets his face.
The Dragon stirs and slowly wakes up, sees a scar covered man petting his head, and promptly jumps away.
Bubba raises his hands in an “I’m unarmed” position before swimming back up to the surface.

Once Bubba’s head has breached the surface of the water, the farm hand trio cheer.
Bubba shushes them as the Dragon rises to the surface as well.

Bubba swims to the lake’s edge and locks eyes with the dragon, who puffs quietly before moving over towards the man.

Bubba gently extends his hand and runs it across the beast’s scaly face.
The dragon closes his eyes, having missed the feeing of a gentle touch.

Bubba smiles and continues to gently pet the massive beast, who slowly lowers his head into the kind man’s lap, receiving scratches behind his horns as a reward.

“You’re a very gentle big guy... almost makes me wonder why everyone was so worried about approaching you.”
Bubba says, messaging the Dragon’s jaws and along his scaly neck as he speaks.

The farm hands are just watching an awe at this point. The dragon had always snapped or snarled at them... why was it being so kind to a total stranger.

Bubba smiles and stands, drying off with a towel that one of the farm hands tosses him before going to grab his things.
The dragon watches the whole time, but once Bubba has his pants, the beast has made up it’s mind.

Slowly, the Sea Dragon heaves it’s form out from the water before moving to be by the man who has been so kind.

Bubba gently pats the side of 8 foot tall Dragon once his shirt is pulled on.

“Well, big guy, are you ready to find a new home?”
The dragon heaves his head up and down before lowering itself to be by Bubba’s head and nuzzling his shoulder.
“Oh, almost forgot...”

Bubba grabs his bag and pulls a heavy set gold colored bridle our of it before holding it for the beast to sniff.

“This is a bridle, you’ll need to wear them at points, and it would be easier for me to lead you by one now. May I?”

The dragon sniffs the bridle before puffing and allowing Bubba to set it over his head and fasten all of the buckles and such.

Bubba clips a black leather lead to the reigns before smiling up at his new beastly companion.

As Bubba leads the way back towards his truck and trailer, the trio of farm hands mutter about how they could have done that.
Once they are all back by the farm house, Bubba thanks the old couple and helps the dragon into his trailer before climbing into the truck and heading off.

About a week later and the Sea Dragon Stallion has been more properly cared for, bulking up and becoming about twice as scary for strangers to lay eyes on.
What’s more scary than a worn looking sea dragon? A buff sea dragon who looks more than capable of carrying himself in a fight.

Bubba is the only one who can work with the dragon, and he’s the only one who the beast will respond to.
On account of his new found scariness and musculature, Bubba has opted to call him Brutus, the big softie.
© 2020 Dreemurr00
(This Horse Fish Dragon is a new adopt by butch-vulture . Here’s the story of how he came into my character’s position.)
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butch-vultureStudent General Artist

omg i love this!!! your writing style is so great :)

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Thank you.
I’ve spent more of my life Roleplaying and pretending that I’m cool than I have being me, so I’ve developed a strong method of physically nullifying all of the feeling in my body to feel out of creatures and other ocs.
The number of times my tail has hurt despite not actually having a tail is astounding.